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  • What-A-Coincidence

    (sorry if this was already posted)

    No, no, let me pick up the check, mom.
    I think there should be more acronyms used at Bethel.
    I will have to remember to donate for those 42 yearbooks I sent out to my friends.
    I am going to sit in the second row at the Family study so my friends can see me on TV!
    I really enjoyed all the juggling in that last family night.
    That watchman duty sure allows me to learn my way around Bethel.
    What's gleaning?
    Sorry, I do not accept money from tours.
    My German Shepherd keeps tearing up the carpet in my room.
    Can you glean me some 'Pan-Fried'? (that's liver)
    Of course I'm free on Monday nights.
    I wonder if Losch or Couch will ever tell us how they really feel?
    My car hasn't needed a repair in three years.
    Why is your shirt turned inside out?
    Mmm, mmm, I wonder if I can get the recipe for this creamed beef stuff.
    Hey, want to come over and play my baby Grand piano?
    My tropical fish collecction is quite impressive.
    Sure, you can borrow 50 bucks.
    Care to swing dance?
    I can't decide whether football or hockey is my favorite sport.
    I didn't like logos anyway.
    No way, air conditioning for only $60 a year! (now it's free)
    Don't trim the goe-T. I'm trying to grow it out.
    You want to get a table together. We're having Shepherds Pie!
    I just can't fit enough liver in my Tupperware.
    Drive to North Carolina and back in a weekend? It can't be done!
    No, you don't have to give me anything for being bumped. I'm just happy knowing some needy person has my seat.
    Thank goodness Brooklyn South and NYPD Blue aren't on at the same time.
    No, I didn't have to got to the store. I found this 6-pack in the hopper.
    I can't believe they don't charge for all that cool vintage clothing at Grabs.
    The barber shop took off way more than I asked for and they forgot to trim my sideburns.
    Boy, that pastrami dinner was so good. I just have to leave a tip.
    Only 50 cents for a Chipwich!
    Hey, where do I volunteer to help with the dishes?
    Only 2 roommates! but there's so much room in here.
    That vacation in the Bahamas was dragging on. I was really starting to miss the snow.
    Just tell the operator you're my girlfriend. They'll put you right through.
    Yeah, right, and you don't pray with you roommates.

  • FairMind

    How about: Why worry about job skills for the real world, I’ll be here the rest of my life.

  • proandcon

    Sure brother no problem, I'll do all the plumbing in your new bathroom addition for free...I'm not suppossed to take any money when I lovingly help the friends...

  • undercover

    "ummm, no thang youu, I don' neeed anutha dring...I had too mush a'ready"

  • FairMind
    "ummm, no thang youu, I don' neeed anutha dring...I had too mush a'ready"

    Ain't that the truth, LMAO

  • jojochan

    What actually went on in bethel.

    real talk.


  • truth_about_the_truth

    "Hey, looking good in those speedos Br. Losch!"

  • joelbear

    i was only there 7 months but many of those ring true.

    no way, we can't fit 8 guys into this car to drive to Brooklyn.

    they fertilize the crops with what?

    yay, chicken pot pie again

  • greendawn

    Bethel is a spiritual paradise where love and humility reign.

    The GB members are the most spiritual, truth loving, and unselfish people on earth.

    The food at Bethel is delightful.

  • undercover

    [Bethel sister's voice] "Why thank you for the invitation, Brother Greenlees. I'd love to come up and see your sketchings sometime." [Bethel sister's voice]

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