Some reasons shunning is so very effective...

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    Sabine: Our hearts go out to you. Your letter should be nailed to the door of every Kingdom Hall in the world. Somewhere in the 7th circle of Hell is a room reserved for the people who turned their backs on you in direct conflict to the law of love -- to which they paid so much lip service.

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    Shunning is so effective because humans are social animals. The punishment inhibits the fundamental human desire to socialize and blocking fundamental instincts is very difficult. When shunning someone, you might as well be strangling them.

    Loving discipline my ass.

  • Quentin

    I've looked and looked and can find nowhere in scripture that Christ shunned anyone...nor Peter, nor Paul, nor.....wonder why?

  • codeblue

    Excellent point Quentin!!!

  • Gill

    ((((((((( Sabine )))))))))

  • restrangled

    Shunning is utilized by high security prisons. Isolation is the number one means of control for problem prisoners. No contact with fellow inmates. It breaks a person down, destroys their self worth and mental function.

    I believe if the boys in Brooklyn could get away with tactics from the middle ages they would. Shunning is the only available method they have now-a-days that would possibly be tolerated by modern society.

    Although, I have read that the US is still using water boarding overseas. For those of you who do not know, water boarding is a simulated drowning.....just to the edge.

    Would the GB would like to try that for a change........Maybe you fellas would like to add that to your big announcement?


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