Is There A Happy Balance To Deprogramming A Witness?

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  • blondie

    I think Steve Hassan's suggestions on this are good in his book "Releasing the Bonds.". Actually a better term is "exit counseling."

  • MsMcDucket

    Minimus, exactly! How do we "plant the seed" of doubt? How do we make it grow!?



  • MsMcDucket

    Maybe WE should go out in "field service". Have our little booklet on how the organization got started, tell about Beth Sarim, Rutherford's womanizing and drinking, prophecies that didn't come true, 607, the affiliation with the UN, Skyman's research on blood transfusions, and more.... Have our own little pamphlets that we hand out to Witnesses as we go out in service.

    Ask them if they would like to learn about the history of their organization?

    Oh yeah! And tell them that we would be willing to use their bible and publications to show them about their religion.
    Had to add this too! Before every Apostafest, go out in field service and then gather at the Apostafest for fellowshipping!

  • jgnat

    Dare I admit I haven't read Steve Hassan's book yet? But I highly recommend it. I believe his key message is, find out what attracts your loved-one in the first place. The attraction is also the key to getting them out.

  • ferret

    Good points Mrs. McDucket

  • ferret

    Sorry that is Ms McDucket. my humble apologies.

  • jojochan

    Funny thing is, is that I was once like those in the collective that was deep in the w.t. dogma. Even though I had ?'s and though they were not being answered I figured that it would come in "meat in due season". That got tired really quick. For me it was a certain situation that served as a catalyst, which was the issue with blood, and with how my divorce was handled.When that happened I was able to see the problems with the youth with their mind in the fog, the problems with crooked elder bodies, the loopholes, pigeionholes, ect. But the bottom line is; is that for some it would take something like that to make them want to see with wool pulled from thier eyes. They have to WANT it.

    Like I did....and now I'm here.


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Very interesting discussion! I wish to deprogram my wife, I have given her a few thoughts but her conditioning is so very hard to overcome. The main problem is she doesnt know a lot about how the doctrine's work, so i feel its more an emotional attachment for her (social etc). I have offered to show her directly from the Bible and things from the society's publications, but she is so scared to look! She thinks i'll dirty the Bible and why she cant look at her own publications I dont know! I guess she must realise deep down things wont add up, but its accessing that part of her mind thats so difficult. And its so true that without something to replace whats lost why would she want to leave?

  • minimus

    I think it is a very very s l o w process to win a person's trust and respect. The JW HAS to believe in you so as to counteract the mysterious FDS.

  • minimus

    I talked to my mom this afternoon and she brought up what were just talking about. She wanted to know if it was the internet that got me thinking it wasn't the "truth". I told her that used to look at the city library as a kid for books that gave opinions on the Witnesses. Most were enlightening but I couldn't really study them and bring them home for obvious reasons. My mom asked me why I never conveyed my feelings or questions to her when I was younger. My answer was hat she would've had me before the elders and if I persued it with them I'd get df'd. She agreed.

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