acWhy do you use the term "Apostate"?

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  • Trojan

    I see that several of you use the term "apostate" or call themselves "apostates". The problem I have with using the term is that you continue to follow WTBTS thinking of "branding and labeling" people. They charge that word with lots of negativity and label people that have different thoughts. If I finally leave this Org. I would not accept the term, as it implies an "abandoning of faith", but many of you (if not most) have a faith - you abandoned the faith that has been described and designed by the WT architects, but some of you still have faith in Jesus, the Bible, other deities, Aliens, Evolution, etc.etc.

    It's kinda like using terms that the Nazis used to label other people (like "Gypsies", many of them prefer the policital correct name of "Sinti and Roma", or the Nazis used terms like Arians, etc.). I know that it's kind of hard to avoid the term and completely remove it, but to me it implies that you still accept the WT thinking on the subject. It implies they have the true faith, which the apostate has lost.

    Invite you to reflect. I welcome definitions and your thoughts. Why apply the term to ourself??? I don't particularly feel like an "apostate".

    Why not say: "Freedomlovers", "Freethinkers", "Open minded people", "Tolerant people"

    (This thought popped into my mind after reading an WT article on fanatism (Watchtower 15 July 1987, pag. 28 par. 1,2), that stated "CHRISTENDOM has had its fanatics—from people who set themselves on fire in political protest to individuals acting intolerantly toward those holding different religious views. For example, the first Crusade was inspired by the Catholic Church to free Jerusalem from the hands of people she considered to be infidels. It began with three undisciplined mobs whose violent excesses included a pogrom of Jews in the Rhineland. When the military forces of this Crusade succeeded in taking Jerusalem, these so-called Christian soldiers turned the streets into rivers of blood." (end of quote)

    I know that this goes into the topic of fanatism, but I think it is related to my question, since this article says that fanatism is a form of intolerance and labeling people as "fallen away" etc.etc. IS A FORM of religious INTOLERANCE.

    Websters defines "apostate" as follows:

    Maybe I'm wrong with some of my premises on the term, please correct me.


  • IP_SEC

    My view is that I am labled. If that is going to be the case, I might as well try to drop the neg conotation. Redefine what it means for me.

    It is a brand of honour to be labeled apostate by the JWs. It means Im thinking for myself.

    I see your point but disagree personally.


  • jgnat

    I don't use it personally, because I'm not. I've never left the faith of my youth, and I'll never be a JW. I married one instead. I also refuse to use the term worldly. I prefer ordinary, regular, or normal. Also offensive to me is to be called an unbelieving mate. I am quite strong in my faith, thank you very much. Lately, I've been refusing to respond when my husband calls it the truth. Too often lately the local elders have proved they don't have it, so I find it offensive to label the organization with so pure a word.

    On the other hand, by the ex-JW community taking over the word, we can remove much of it's power. Think of the derogatory terms african-americans regularly call each other. But white america can't. In a way, the african-americans have taken over the word and made it their own to remove it's power over them.

  • Think

    I believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Truth.

    I consider myself "Believer in the Truth ".

    Truth: according to dictionary, something that is so clearly true that it hardly needs to be stated.

    In Christian Science, the word used to refer to God.

    John 1:1 " In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God ".

    Pure and Simple.

    I LOVE IT !

  • kls

    The reason i use the term Apostate is because it is something the wt teaches to hate and despise ,and for all jws to stay away from .

    Yes i am an Apostate in the eyes of the jws and i hope i am hated and despised by them, so i say it proud and know i can say " I beat you wt "

    When the jws hear Apostate ,they run like little girly men

  • jgnat
  • kls

    @ Jgnat

  • Think

    RU$$ELL was an Apostate from the True teaching of The Bible and Jesus Christ.

    And followers of Apostate are also apostatees, regardles if they know about that or not.

    So, the fact is, that people discovering that they are in Apostate PedofileTower man made False Religion, and ABANDONING THE FALSE Religion, are no longer Apostatees, but TRUE BELIEVERS, believers in the pure source of Truth, The God.

    How you become Apostate ? By ADDING TO Bible what was never there.

    By abandoning the Truth, and following " IMAGE" ( TOWER, ORGANIZATION, STRUCTURE ECT.) a false god, Baal, a false idol, a LEADER WHO FOLLOW A FALSE IMAGE.

    A person abandoning an Apostate Religion is not an Apostate, but a repentant person, repentant to the True teaching of God and Jesus Christ.

    There was a reason, why Jesus Christ said, when Pilate expressed doubt about the existente of truth: "I am The TRUTH, and the way, and the life ".

  • kid-A

    Its similar to other ostracized and marginalized groups "reclaiming" derogatory labels and using them as a form of empowerment. I am simply reclaiming the term "apostate" as an act of defiance and empowerment. We are the "Apostate Nation" yeah !!!

  • undercover

    Since we no longer accept WTS authority, why be concerned with the connotation that the WTS has attached to it? To use it in a way we see fit actually shows that the stigma of the WTS version of "apostate" does not scare us.

    Apostate means to leave your faith. Technically, we are apostates, just as JWs who used to be some other faith are apostate to their former faith before becoming JWs.

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