What 'Brokeback Mountain' and JWs have in common

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  • troucul

    they're both gay?

  • doodle-v

    Welcome Peter123

    I have the audio book. You are right it is a very well written story. I never really thought about the parallels to JW's. That is interesting, thank you for sharing.


  • Peter123

    Thanks to all the generous people welcoming me here.[So many beautiful people! Ahhhhhhhhh...] was feeling a tad bit like a social leper.

    I was able to raise my three wonderful children and my LCSW psychotic wife. So when all the kids were in college I moved out.

    All my lovers have been mental health professionals.I left my LCSW -- AND RAN OFF INTO THE ARMS OF A PSYCOLOGIST WHICH WAS PRETTY GROOVY -- After a argument, I went home with a psychiatrist; thr

    there were a few more and then I met the Catholic Priest. He did pastoral counseling for those dying and their families.He'd give people last rights, and do the little chanting thing all the will running beads through their fingers.

    Relationships are so much work. I'm going solo from here on out.

    anyway, glad to be here!


    PS: Keep in mind I love you.

  • Gregor

    Apparently, BB Mountain has been so suckcessful they are already previewing a sequel. Actually looks interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfODSPIYwpQ

  • AuntieJane

    You are right! There is a correlation.

    What disgusted me most about the movie was the deceit.

    They chose to deceive the women who loved them...just as the JW's

    are taught to deceive those they love.

  • Saoirse

    Welcome to the board Peter!

    Thanks for pointing out all the parallels between the movie and the JWs. I never though about that before. I might have to go and check it out now.

    What disgusted me most about the movie was the deceit. ;

    They chose to deceive the women who loved them...just as the JW's

    are taught to deceive those they love. ;

    I think the Watchtower does more deceiving then any of us could ever do. But I agree, the deceitfulness in the movie is more offensive than anything else.

  • scotsman

    I thought the short story was excellent and didn't think the film would improve upon it. I was half right, it didn't improve upon the central relationship, but it did convincingly flesh out the wives characters. Maybe because I'd already read the story I remained unaffected by Jack & Ennis but felt totally gutted for Lureen and Alma.

    Nice comparison though Pete.

  • jaffacake

    Welcome Peter,

    Your post, and the mention of 'fear' reminded me of thread about that film.

    The choice of words used were something like 'homophobic and proud of it'. I may be wrong but I thought phobia's were irrational fears. Seems odd that someone might be proud of being irrational.

  • Brigid

    Dear Peter,

    Great pic! I was struck by this: <<All JWs live in some kind of closet.>>
    So true. Most humans are but JW's are very repressed and very encouraged to keep their true selves hidden mostly from themselves. Even to their very thoughts.

    I thought it was a beautiful story. All of us could relate in some way to it.

    Blessings and Welcome,


  • mkr32208

    I thought it was because they are both gay!

    hahahaha I kill me...

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