The Image of Daniel chapter 2

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  • Augustin


    Thanks! Would you recommend his book on the Apocalypse? Also, would you recommend some, perhaps 2-3, (major scale) French commentaries on Daniel? I know Lacocque's commentary.

    -- Augustin --

  • Narkissos
    Would you recommend his book on the Apocalypse?

    Frankly, no. Although it is always interesting to check it for the occasional insight, I found it globally disappointing.

    (You probably already know the main French commentary of Revelation by Pierre Prigent, which has been considerably enlarged in the last edition.)

    Also, would you recommend some, perhaps 2-3, (major scale) French commentaries on Daniel? I know Lacocque's commentary.
    I'm afraid there is nothing which compares with Lacocque's commentary (unless very recently published, I'll check it out next time I get to my Biblical library, hopefully next week). M. Delcor's one is older (1971) and you probably won't find much that isn't also in Lacocque.
  • Augustin


    Thanks! Yes, Prigent's commentarry is excellent. He also has an interesting study (monograph) on Rev 12. I didn't like Delcor's commentary, but it's a long time since I read it. I know that Klaus Koch is still working on his commentary on Daniel; only the parts on Dan 1-3 have been published (as far as I know). I am really looking forward to it!

    Best wishes!

    -- Augustin --

  • Leolaia

    Well, I just wrote a long reply and it just got eaten when I attempted to post it.

    So I can't give you the eloquent discussion of your questions I had just written, and will just say:

    Well, perhaps... Or it could indicate the violent and cruel nature of Syria and the battles between Egypt and Syria (with Judah caught in between)?

    No, the description in ch. 11 emphasizes their weakness (cf. 6, 12, and the basic fact that the combined strength of Alexander's kingdom is replaced by two kingdoms that lack unity and fight against each other), which corresponds to the part-clay feet, and when this is added to the reference to marriage alliances in both ch. 2 and 11, it is clear that the feet = the Diadochoi. The description of the iron legs moreover correspond quite well to the he-goat/fourth beast in ch. 7-8, and the "vast empire" of Alexander in ch. 11.

    According to Dan 8 and Dan 11, the diadochoi were new kingdoms.

    Not exactly, cf. 11:4: "His empire will be broken up and parcelled out to the four winds of heaven".

    I also think Dan 8 has Media and Persia united.

    Again, not exactly. The visions approach history in different ways. The Median and Persian kingdoms are lumped together as the first beast (the ram), just as the Greek kingdom of Alexander and the Diadochoi are lumped together into the second beast (the he-goat). The two are distinguished by the horns: the Medes come first as the "first horn" and are followed by the "second horn" which rises above the first (v. 3)...i.e. the rise of the Persians in power over the Medes. Similarly, the Greek kingdom of Alexander is represented by the "great horn" which is replaced by four smaller horns of the Diadochoi. The central drama of the vision is the conflict between Alexander and the Persians, and thus the ram represents the might of the Persian kingdom which had already absorbed the power of the Medes and the he-goat represents the might of Greece before it weakens into the later Diadochoi kingdoms. Thus, the conflict occurs when Greece and Persia are at the height of each other's power.

    However, where do you see a Median kingdom?

    This was already explained in my last two posts.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore


    head = Babylon

    breasts and arms of silver = Medes and Persian.

    belly and thighs of copper = Rome

    legs of iron = Greece

    feet of iron and clay = US and Britain

    toes = UN

    stone = Jesus Christ

    iron =strict government rule

    clay = the people in a democracy

  • LittleToe

    Methinks you got the Rome and Greece teh wrong way around. Other than that it's a perfect copy of JW beliefs...

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