Superbowl XL - It's Pittsburgh all the way!

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  • figureitout

    Wow... I am glad the team is handling the lose better then some of the fans... For anyone to say the refs lost the game for them I really have no advice other then watch like a lot more football and learn the sport a little more. The only call that can be a legite gripe is when Hassleback threw the ball the 1 yard line and it was called back for a hold call, but that is why OL are taught from the age of 5 to keep your hands on the INSIDE not the ouside. Regardless that was a bad call. Big Bens Touchdown was legit the very edge of the outermost part of the white line in the goal line and there is 0 doubt the ball crossed the plane. There is a great close-up photo I will post to put that issue to bed. The Offense PI call the negated a TD was a little spotty but is there anyone who watched the game and think the WR did not push off? Seriously, he pushed off no doubts about, as a ref do I make that call in the SuperBowl... hmm personally no I do not, but there was a rule infraction. The bottom line was Steelers made big plays and the Seahawks didn't. That is the name of the game Big Plays and solid Defense, Seattle had one of those last night. Anyone can play the what if game, what if Seattle got that one score, they kick to Pittsburgh and Radndle El takes it to the house, what if they get the ball at the 1 and score to tie the game then Pitt gets the ball and Fast Willie Parker takes another one for 75 yards. Seattle lost to a better team and did not do the things they had to do to win.

    Also, as far as the refs cheated whines what about the constant holding by the RG of Seattle that never got called. Hampton was mugged all night, if there was blatant cheating there ya have it.

    We got the 1 for thumb kids!!!!!!

  • daystar

    Yeah, I wanted the Steelers to win... and they did... just not the way I'd hoped they would. I was pretty disappointed, even though my team won.

  • luna2
    The referees totally won that game for Pittsburgh.

    I didn't watch the game as I'm not much of a football fan, but when I came into work today I was told that Pittsburgh had a 12th man on the field...and he wore a striped shirt. LOL

  • rocketman

    I was pretty much an impartial observer for this game, though I did pick Pittsburgh to win (by a margin of 10...just missed). The officiating was definitely a problem, and one that the NFL had better address. But did it determine the outcome? No. Influence, possibly, but the refs did not win the game for the Steelers.

    It could be argued that Seattle lost this game as much as Pittsburgh won it. But the Steelers did make big plays when they had to. Interestingly, the Seahawks bettered them in every important statistical category - time of possession, total yards, and turnovers. Normally, the team that wins those battles wins the game.....normally.

  • Golf

    OK, here's my two cents as a sports player. I'm for the Patriots soooooooo as a choice I went with Pitts., but I gave the edge to Seattle mostly because of their running game. Seattle let me down big time.

    True the officiating wasn't the best but Seattle got out of rythm (a no-no plus they should have stayed with their short plays and scored quickly) Wasting precious time was uncalled for. I blamed them for losing the game. Missing a field goal didn't help either especially with a good kicker.

    What can I say, I was happy for the Pitts coach he was long over-do. As the saying goes: "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

    "Wait till next year." Go Patriots!!!!!!!

    In golf, this happens every weekend.


  • bonnzo

    first of all, im a carolina panther fan all the way. i dont like seattle or pittsburgh. i have a great deal of respect for bill cowher. outside of john fox, he'd be my pick to coach my team. and jerome bettis is a class act all the way, congrats to him.

    the game was poorly played by both teams, seattle managed the clock poorly, made timely mistakes. however, the poor officiating contributed too much in a game of this magnitude. the holding on seattle that negated a first down on the 2 yard line and the TD called back for offensive pass interferance were awful! the NFL needs full time officials; or at least look into ways to improve the officiating. kudos to seattle for not publicly blaming the loss on the refs and congratulations. to cowher, a hall of fame coach for sure.

  • Mulan
    Wow... I am glad the team is handling the lose better then some of the fans... For anyone to say the refs lost the game for them I really have no advice other then watch like a lot more football and learn the sport a little more.

    All I can say is that you need to read the sports page and listen to talk radio. One of our sons said it was on NPR today how the officials in the Superbowl blew it big time. All the commentary I've heard says that Pittsburgh was favored and the officials made some huge mistakes.

    The players and coach are beginning to talk about it now, but could be fined if they speak out too much. I couldn't understand how the Seahawks could be so gracious about their loss considering the lousy refereeing. Then I hear they can be fined for saying things against the officials. Mike Holmgren (the Seahawks coach) was very outspoken today about how they had to play not only against the Steelers but against the men in black and white shirts.

    I agree the Seahawks blew a few plays for sure but it wasn't a fair game.

    This is all I am going to say. It was so obvious to me, and it seems to be to news reporters as well. A New York newspaper referred to the many penalties against the Seahawks as questionable, and how the Steelers had a bittersweet victory, considering how unfair the officials were to Seattle.

  • theinfamousone

    did u see that friggin reverse??? HOLY CRAP!!!!

    the infamous one

  • blindersoff

    Seahawks have difficulty explaining how they lost to Steelers

    But several key penalties, mistakes pain them most

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    By Chuck Finder, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    They dropped a minimum of four passes, three by linebacker Joey Porter's favorite "soft" tight end, badly bearded Jerramy Stevens.

    They gave up not only their longest running play of the season, but the longest offensive play, period, in Willie Parker's back-breaking, 75-yard touchdown run on the second half's second play from scrimmage.

    They got as many interceptions thrown by quarterback Matt Hasselbeck -- one, at a time when Seattle was close to some kind of much-needed score amid a tenuous, 14-10 Steelers lead -- as he had thrown in his previous half-dozen games.

    They missed back-to-back field-goal attempts of 50-plus yards by Josh Brown.

    They misfired on five of their last six third-down conversion tries.

    They converted just one of their three trips inside the Steelers' 20, and this from the NFL's leader in the territory known as the red zone.

    We made a lot of mistakes," Tatupu offered meekly. "We kept hurting ourselves. That's stuff we can't have. The team that makes the fewest mistakes comes out on top."

    ....................starter and defensive soul Ken Hamlin was lost earlier in the year after a nightclub scrap hospitalized him with serious injuries



  • figureitout

    I have heard talk radio both in Pittsburgh and in the Phoenix area where I work and to claim all the media is saying it was poor officiating is inaccurate at best. They all say the same thing some iffy calls but nothing blatant that kept Seattle from winning. Same thing happend to the Steelers vs Indy in the Playoffs. In fact the refs were so bad they were forced for the first time in NFL history to make a public appology. They got shafted more so then any game n NFL history and they still found a way to win. Seattle was just not good enough to win plain and simple.

    To make it sound like "ALL" the sports reporters are making it sound like bad officiating cost Seattle the game is very misleading and inaccurate. Again, what call was really blown by the refs? The only big play and it was a bad miss in my opinion was the holding call, but again OL are taught to keep the hands inside, not to give the ref any opportunity to make that call.

    At the end of the day Seattle had an opportunity to win but the dropped passes, missed field goals, and gave up big plays.

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