Wicked angel was driving the UFO the wise men saw

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  • kid-A

    Thus the next time you see a 'star' on top of a Christmas tree, remember that it represents a wicked angel who was determined to have Jesus, the Son of God, killed.

    Puny Human Franz! It is US again! The mighty Kling-on empire and abductors of your prophet, Elo-Kalihim! You have failed to respond to our demands and now we have no choice but to place tacky stars on all christmas trees in the galaxy and tri-state area! KA-PLAH !!!!

  • avishai
  • Mary
    if an angel was in a UFO that led the astrologers (the 'wise men') to the young child Jesus in that house (Mt 2:11), then it must have been a wicked angel.

    You're absolutely right Franz. I heard his name was Darth Vader. He was really afraid that the Force was with Young Skywalker Jesus, and he set out to destroy him. Now, even though ol' Darth had a spaceship that was really a Death Star (which of course had the power to obliterate a planet), he doesn't zap baby Jesus himself, but instead relies on three guys he's never met or seen before to travel to Bethlehem by camels and well..................you know the story.

    I'm not sure where you're getting your ideas from Franz, but they're as whacky as the real Freddie Franz' ideas.

  • ezra

    your right,knowing that herod wanted jesus dead,god wouldnt have pointed out his location,remember the astrologers were involved in divination deut;18;10-12 ,they still appreciated jesus' position .they studied scripture and were aware of prophecy but also got much instruction from using stars to plot their lives.they were later instructed by gods angel not to return to herod to inform him of jesus' whereabouts.god won.

  • daystar

    Eh, all I get from this little story is that good really can come from evil.

  • StopTheTears

    The bible does not indicate that other beings (non spiritual) were created, therefore I believe your interpretation is false.

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