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  • streets76

    As I posted about myself earlier, I was raised a JW, was never baptized, and faded away in my mid-twenties. The last meeting I attended was in 1985. Here are a few questions.

    1. I notice in many post the term borg. What does the "b" stand for?

    2. Where does the money go? Who ultimately benefits the most from the WTBTS publishing empire? Stock holders? Are there Swiss bank accounts, possibly?

    3. I've written a coming-of-age novel about a 14 year old JW boy that takes place in the summer of 1975 (his last summer?). It's kind of a Catcher in the Rye goes to the Kingdom Hall. Has anyone else on the board used their JW experience to write fiction? Does anyone know of any mainstream fiction that is set in the JW world?

  • serendipity

    Hi streets,

    Welcome to the forum! (so many newbies - I forget who I greet.)

    Borg is a reference to the borg in Star Trek (Next Generation, I think). You can probably google it, or look it up in wikipedia and get the details, if you're not familiar with that show.

    I don't know of any novels of the JW world, but maybe you can search amazon? There are some autobiographical stories out about JWs.

    I think most of the WTS money is tied up in real estate.

  • buffalosrfree

    Streets76 You asked if anyone else has used their experience with the society to write fiction. Both Russell and Rutherford did all the time, and then there was that great fiction writer Fred Franz to name a few. You have read watchtowers and they are full of fiction.

  • Tigerman

    See banner ad, " In The Truth ". . . .just look up.

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