The Better Days...

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  • Effervescent

    I'm not quite 30, and I can still quite relate to your post.

    In fact, it's funny, my daughter was just listening to me wide-eyed the other day, when I was telling her that when I was her age, if I got in trouble at school, they could take me to the principal for a swat or three. Now when kids start arguing and fighting, the teachers are telling them to use their "I Messages". What the heck? That was a new one on me. I guess it's better than "meeting out front after school" like they did in my day.

    Now a lot of schools have McDonalds and Taco Bell instead of Hamburger Suprise and Tator Tots. I dunno... I think Tator Tots build character.

    My Kindergartener knows how to run a computer, I didn't touch a computer until Junior High when computer class was a line of Commodore 64's. Remember Logo?

    Yep... the good ole days!

  • doofdaddy

    It's a mixed bag.

    Today we have more options and legal rights. Anyhow

    One memory I cringe at was making a "cracker gun" out of two inch water pipe and the largest fireworks money could buy(for two pennies). The ammo was my much cherished (and fought for) marble collection. The pipe was pushed up against a few bricks, cracker lit and inserted with marble. We had a target made of roofing iron.

    Well off it went, straight thru the target, then straight thru the neighbours roof!!!

    He gave us hell but we were back at it as soon as he was gone. When one didn't go off, we would look down the waterpipe to see what was wrong!!!!

    Would have been about 10 yrs old I guess...

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    When I think about some of the things I did growing up - I'm surprised I'm alive, and with no broken bones. My brother and sister and I did things I'd never let children do now!

    If anyone's feeling nostalgic check out this web site.


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