Why are the Kingdom Ministry topics so jolly?

by truthseeker 9 Replies latest jw friends

  • truthseeker

    Keep on Preaching!

    The Blessings of Pioneer Service!

    Maintain Your Joy in Kingdom Service!

    Do Not Tire Out!

    and other titles always sound so jolly. Every single title sounds so positive, so upbeat.

    How to conduct progressive Bible Studies parts 1-12 should read Bible Studies for Dummies.

    How can WT maintain this "happy smily" persona in their writings?

  • stillajwexelder

    With witnesses with bold beaming faces - nothing wrong with being positive - I admire it

  • truthseeker


    There's nothing wrong with being positive, but when you know there's so much wrongdoing in the organization, and that people are for the most part are worn out, it all sounds a little too happy for my liking.

    It's like Orwell's 1984 - The price of chocolate had gone up, but they were telling people it had gone down.

  • IronClaw

    Typical brainwashing, keep pounding in the message you want the listener to absorb.

  • Highlander

    Back when I was 18, I was literally putting on the 'happy face' during every visit to the kingdom hall. I did this because I felt that I was supposed to look happy and was hoping

    that it would help speed up the process of becoming a ministerial servant. I remember that the moment I would arrive at the hall, I would put on the biggest smile I could muster,

    walk around and shake hands with all the elders, servants, pioneers, etc. I would make it a point to be friendly, ask how they were, however it was meaningless chit chat in reality

    During this 'happy time' all I could think about is how pathetic and miserable I am. Guess what? it worked,, I was appointed a servant at 19 years of age, having never pioneered

    or anything other that putting on the 'happy face'(fake ofcourse)

    So there I was, a new ministerial servant,,, hoping, waiting, expecting to feel that happiness they talk about when you attain these 'priviledges'

    I continued my 'happy face' at the meetings,, maybe a year later it was all I could take, I hated being a 'drone' just going through the motions only worried about appearance

    and at the same time, sorely lacking any substance. I stepped down, and decided I will never be a stooge like that again.

    Now I truly have a 'happy face'

  • stillajwexelder

    Do you all remember Baghdad Bob?

  • greendawn

    Because they want to inspire enthusiasm in the R&F to go out and sell their publicatios. They are producing a lot of wealth for the WTS when their contributions are taken together and the FDS has every reason to give them the motivation to work hard for jewhovah and the kingdom which in fact means for the WTS multinational corporation.

    They think they are engaging in spiritual activity but they are infact engaging in commercial activity.

  • Blueblades

    The Kingdom Ministry has noyhing to do with, "Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom". It is actually code word for, "Do More!, Do More!, Do More!.


  • acadian
    How can WT maintain this "happy smily" persona in their writings?

    DRUGS !!!


  • acadian

    Maintain Your Joy in Kingdom Service!

    Very few times did I find joy in "Kingdom Service"

    I thought for awhile there must be something wrong with me, because I could never really find the joy that everyone else talked about in the Door to Door work, and then one day I did'nt go out, and I was Joyous, so I stopped going out
    all together in service.

    Then I started missing meetings every now and again and when I did I was joyous, so I figured that if I did'nt go to the meetings at all, that might make me even more joyous, so I stopped going to the meetings and I became very Joyous.

    So then, I DAed myself, and have been Joyous ever since....you wont find that in the "Kingdom Ministry"

    Acadian ~~~of the Joyous not to be a JW class~~~

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