New GB members WT March 15th p 26

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  • stillajwexelder

    New GB members WT March 15th p 26 . I am sure you all know but it was finally published in this magazine on page 26 - Geoffrey W. Jackson and Anthony Morris 111 are the new GB members and it gives biographical details. Then all current GB members ar ealso listed.

  • IP_SEC

    What are the ages stilla? Were they Alive in 35?

  • stillajwexelder

    In the biographies dates of birth not given - just where they served before Brooklyn

  • greendawn

    These two are in their fifties and thus born much later than 1935, in fact six of the twelve GB members were born after 1935 and one in 1934 and do not fit in with the completion of the 144 000 dogma.

    When we come to think of it they may have been instructed to claim that they are annointed so as not raise questions as to who is running the org.

  • Neo


  • blondie

    Also of note, the last sentence:

    "All members of the Governing Body are anointed Christians."

  • gringojj

    Man just looking at those pictures, is that the biggest group of squares you have ever seen or what? You would think everyone has a cup of metamucil with breakfast. I can smell mothballs just looking at those guys. They really need to get some new blood on there.

  • proplog2

    I've mentioned this before:

    The scary part is that these new younger members of the governing body had to decide through a process of introspection that they are "annointed".

    The older ones didn't have to go through that bizarre process but were part of the crowd.

    What kind of self-talk produces the "feeling" that one is annointed?

    "I am smart (or different). I am special. God made me special. I am chosen. I am blessed. The others (less smart or less different) were not chosen. God is working through me at this unique time in history. Whatever comes into my mind has been put there by the force that chose me."

    It could even be stranger than that!

    "I can't control my sexual urges. I keep thinking about sex. I keep falling into a pattern of self-abuse. God help me. I need strength to rise above this problem. Hmmmmm. If I am a chosen one I will be giving up sex for heaven. WIth heaven as a goal I can deal with this problem. Yes that's it - NOW I CAN BE GOOD!!!"

    Ask any therapist.

  • sf

    I say THIS picture does them much more prouder:

  • mouthy

    I feel so sorry for them all.... Forgive them they know not what they do. If they knew how many lives they have taken, split families they have caused , terrible things their teaching has done .... I feel guilty for the 10 I made!!!!! They have many,many more than 10 on their conscience....

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