Just went to grocery store.......

by Chimene 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • Chimene

    LOL! I just went to the grocery store about a little while ago, came around the corner of an isle, and there was a JW I used to know pretty good. He smiled real big and said hello how are you?

    I said hi and smiled, and kept walking. I saw out of the corner of my eye, he stopped and turned around and realized who I was and wasn't happy with himself that he spoke to me, hahahahahahahahahahaha, I love it

  • skyman

    The devil made him do I tell you.

  • myself

    LOL, I can hear him in his Homer Simpson voice saying: "Doh!"

  • Chimene

    I know right! i'll bet I ruined his night, hahahahaha, he'll probably tell my soon to be ex hubby tomorrow at the kh, just too funny

    This was pretty much the look on his face after he realized it was me

    The devil made him do it! yes! that's it! LOL

  • witnessscorn

    I haven't been DAed or DFed yet. for that mater I just stopped going and nobody has a clue yet about my feeling yet. That is until they see me. I can't wait! I bet it was very gratifying for you.

  • Chimene

    Yes sir! It certainly was! LOL i'm not DF'd, I was never baptized, but they treat me as if I was. I think only because they have known my soon to be ex hubby since the 70's. (He is ten years older than me.) You know how the south is, they stick together whether some one is in the right or wrong, doesn't matter

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