Im off to Fiji tomorro hooray!!!

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  • Es

    Hooray the time has come, im off to my honeymoon the glorious Fiji.

    Hope everyone has a great week and i will post some pics when i get back

    ya all


  • deeskis

    Bula Es

    You'll have a great time. I think Fiji is a perfect place for a honeymoon. so laidback, peaceful and relaxing,not to mention beautful, warm climate and the friendly people. it's ideal. we went when my first was nine months old and whenever we went for dinner with her the staff passed her between each other cuddling her. we had the best time, i'd love to go back.

    I quite like your idea of having the honeymoon some weeks after the wedding, if you'd gone straight away you'd have been back to normality for a while now. As it is you had the high of the wedding, settling into your new home, and now another high of the holiday...

    have fun

    D (mmm yummy tropical fruit cocktails on a sunset beach!)

  • Es

    thanks heaps deeskis....yeah we waited bout 2 months since wedding and like you said its been the best timing we are so on the go with work and moving and everything that we have had this too look forward to


  • Robdar

    Honeymoon and Fiji. What a lovely combination. I can't wait to see your pictures.

    Hey, are you sure you will get out of the hotel room long enough to take pictures???

  • Stephanus
    Hey, are you sure you will get out of the hotel room long enough to take pictures???

    The pictures from in the room are probably much more interesting...

  • codeblue


    I always wanted to go to Fiji..........please post some pics after you come back..ok?

  • damselfly

    Have a great time sweetie! Be sure to post loads of pics.

    Love the new avator by the way


  • DannyBloem

    Hi and Bula

    Wish you a great trip. Fiji is beautifull and people are very friendly.
    Make some pics okay...

    (would have say, greetings to my friends there, but you are not going KH i think ;)


  • deeskis

    yeah baby.....didn't notice the avator yesterday..........very austin powers......groovy!

  • delilah
    Have a good time Es..... it's raining, snowing, hailing, freezing rain, here....

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