I surprised my dad with a birthday gift this morning

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  • JH

    Today, my dad is 76, and today I surprised him by giving him a gift and saying happy birthday.

    He was happy. Since the last 18 years, I avoided saying happy birthday to him, since i was a dub.

    I guess that Jah is very mad now....

  • Legolas

    JH's Dad!

  • AlmostAtheist

    Nice JH! Bastards robbed us of some great times and memories, but at least they can't steal any more of it, eh?

    [picture that won't show up anyway deleted]

  • blondie

    JH, you give the WTS too much credit saying that Jehovah will be unhappy now; that is assuming that God speaks to them and they speak for God.

    Just enjoy and do the loving thing and you don't have to worry about making anybody unhappy.


  • kristyann

    Your dad is still very much into the organization, or no? Or is he in it at all?

  • JH

    My dad was never a JW, but I was...and now he is so happy that I wished him happy birthday and gave him a gift...

  • flag

    Good for you and your dad!!!

    The other day my son asked me why I was not attending to the meetings anymore and I told him because there were few things I did not agree, and he said "like birthdays?" I said "well that and other things as well" he asked me to explain again why witnesses don't celebrate them and for the first time I noticed how dumb the explanation sounds.

    He said "just because of that?" "That's dumb"

    Then he asked me "Are you going to celebrate my birthday now with gifts and everything?"

    I felt very bad!! He is 16 now, so maybe when he turns 18 I'll make a big deal out of it.

    I hope to be completly free by then (emotionaly free from WT teachings and guilts)

  • whyizit

    Congratulations on honoring your father on his birthday. How did YOU feel after doing something so respectful and kind for your dad? I am rejoicing for both you and your dad! Yaweh is smiling upon you, I am sure of it!

  • willyloman
    He is 16 now, so maybe when he turns 18 I'll make a big deal out of it.

    Don't wait. Honor him at the first opportunity and start making up for lost time. You will NOT regret it!

    Let freedom ring!

  • kls

    Good Boy

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