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  • KW13

    Well, we have some clever people and a good community. Please to save me trawling the site, could you all (if you want to!) give me your best evidence against the JW's because i want to compile this information, What is your strongest scriptural evidence to prove the witnesses. I accept most of the things thrown around here, and they are very good! For example i think Isiah 65 proves not a paradise, and its been taken out of context in some respects by JW's.

  • greendawn

    The GB of the JWs claims that they follow the hierarchy model of the apostolic church which justifies them holding all power in this organisation in a very centralised way.

    However there never was a GB of this sort in the early church the Holy Spirit operated with the entire Church revealing knowledge to whoever it saw fit. Early Christians did not look up to a very small body of men as God's channel that revealed to them new light.

  • aniron

    That Jesus choose them in 1918/19 to be His organisation on earth.

    They claim that during that time Jesus choose them because they were the only ones doing certain things.

    Briefly at that time they celebrated Birthdays, Christmas, Fathers/Mothers Day and most other holidays. That had no policy against blood transusions. They used the cross.

    In fact many of the things from back then that they taught and believed, have over the years been dropped. If you believe them now your an Apostate.

    Yet they were the whole basis on which Jesus choose them. Does that not mean they have now rejected teachings that Jesus approved of.

    Its no use claiming "new light" told them Birthdays were wrong. That would mean that Jesus was choosing them based on an untruth, something He knew was wrong.

    If you bought a buisness on the basis that it was being run the way you wanted it, everyone who work there was doing the right thing etc.

    1) Would you go round changing everything. To the opposite way of why you bought it in the first place.


    2) Would you think they were running it well so leave them alone to get on with it. Then you come back a while later and find they had changed everything that attracted you in the first place.

    For a fuller explanation read "Captives to a Concept" by D. Cameron.

  • KW13

    excellent stuff so far :)

  • rebel8

    All you have to do is use Google to find sites that list the very info you're looking for. Many ppl like me have put up web sites with comprehensive info and links, much easier to use than forum threads. I don't think my site is what you're looking for since it isn't about doctrinal issues, but here it is: www.jwinfo.50megs.com

  • jgnat

    Yes, google is a treasure trove of information. Perhaps then, that is why google was specifically mentioned in the "Beware the Voice of Strangers" talk.

    Here's my thread for newbies:


    As for covering the doctrinal extremes of the society....

    Failed Prophecy.


    Faithful and Discreet Slave - parable for all believers or establishment of a ruling class?





    Jesus - is he fully God?


    144,0000 - literal or figurative?



    Abstain from Blood - should it be interpreted beyond consumption?


    The 607BCE and the supposed return of Christ in 1914.



  • jgnat

    Oh, duh. There's also our Best Of..section run by Lady Lee.

    Here's the Best Of on JW doctrine.


  • greendawn

    The JWs claim that the great crowd of Revelation are located exclusively on earth. This however does not hold up to scrutiny, because the great crowd are located in God's temple and therefore have to be priests. It is the 144 000 that will be priests (and kings) not any crowd on earth. Revelation 7: 9, 13-15.

    Notice also that the great crowd are wearing white robes right after the tribulation which means they were already declared righteous, then and not after 1000 years as the JWs claim.

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