Letter from the Grave---Right on time.

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  • Super_Becka
    Oh Crapole- SUPER BECKA just got me. PAss the tissue Lisa Come on girl! Dayumm. and Hell. Sniff Sniff.

    Aha, I knew it would get someone. My mom sent me a link for that video yesterday and I watched it twice... and cried my eyes out. Bring on the Kleenex!! And my mom isn't even old yet, she's only 43!! But that video and the letter that you posted from your grandma got me thinking about my grandparents, and I felt really guilty.

    One of my grandmothers died when I was 12, and every so often, when I think of her, I miss her really bad and wish I'd spent more time with her, talking to her, getting to know her. But I was young, I didn't appreciate her, and now I don't have her anymore.

    My maternal grandparents are both still alive, my grandfather is 72 and my grandmother is 68, and I feel really guilty about how I feel around them sometimes. I love them both very much, but I find myself getting frustrated with them as they get older. I don't mean to, it just happens. It's just a hassle to have to repeat everything I say to my grandfather because he never wears his hearing aid, and my grandmother has a habit of telling the exact same stories over and over and over. Sometimes, when my mother and I are with her, she'll look at my mom and tell her a story, then turn to me and tell me the exact same thing over again, even though I was sitting next to her for the whole first telling. It's just so frustrating sometimes, and it's hard to look past that and realize that she's just getting old and her mind is going, and it's even harder to accept that. And it's harder still to accept that they'll both get more and more helpless as they get older and that eventually, I won't have them anymore, either.

    And I can't imagine my parents being that old and helpless, it pains me to think of it, and I know it's coming. Luckily, I'm pretty sure they both have a good 20 years or so before anything really nasty happens to them, they're both still reasonably young, but I know that it's coming, and I hope I can be patient enough to deal with them and help them in their "golden years".

    I guess the moral of the story is, appreciate your parents and grandparents, listen to what they have to say, help them when they need it, be patient and compassionate without being condescending, and love them no matter what. After all, they're the ones that raised us and made us who we are today, and someday, we'll be all they have left.

    -Becka :)

  • Robdar

    That was a beautiful letter. It really choked me up.

  • arrowstar

    *passing Robdar the tissues* here, hon...

  • Sparkplug

    I was struck with the pain of feeling all alone, learning that sometimes there isn't any more.

    Sometimes, what we care about most gets all used up and goes away...never to return.

    That is my favorite line. It crosses through my head all the time. Reminds me to be appreciative and love, my loved ones.

    Somehow this sentence triggers in me a reassurance that I am not on the wrong track by being myself and showing the ones I

    love, love. It struck my heart more than the word "treasure."

  • Clam

    Sparkplug that was a lovely post. Thanks for that!

  • greendawn

    It's true that in a consumer society people tend to throw away things that can be repaired or used further. I make sure I get maximum use out of all the things I buy.

  • deeskis

    Hey Sparkplug

    I'm Scottish, and my father's an accountant........what a combination. So I appreciate the waste not want not motto.

    What a beautiful legacy, and a lasting memory for you and yours.

    get some sleep now y'hear!!

    ((((hugs for Sparkplug))))


  • Sparkplug
    I'm Scottish, and my father's an accountant........what a combination. So I appreciate the waste not want not motto.

    Now that took me a moment. Then when I caught what you said...I about choked laughing.

  • Sparkplug

    LMAO... I was so tired when I posted this that I forgot to tell you the point...of this:

    I pray for my family. Please God keep my children safe and watch over them and myself as we face a time of change. Please give me strength that I may maintain an upright life and not allow anything to rob me of my joy of loving them. Give me knowledge to be a good mother, not just good but great. Lead me in all of the ways I was never taught so that they may grow up sound of mind and heart. Please God forgive me for my sins. Watch over my husband and please take all the Hatred from his heart. Be it that we are parting, please help make him whole again. Please help me forgive him. Someone told me today not to tell you about how big my troubles are, but to tell my troubles how big my God is. So I am going to give it a try and the first thing I need help with though is believing you are there. Please Give me faith. <<< Amen > >

    SO HERE IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD. Pay attention Sally...

    Later that night away from the forum and in my email which was not linked to that page, I got this from her:

    This is a special prayer request from a special lady, God knows her name. I (We) love this young woman as dearly as if one of (our) my children. I do not often do public prayer but this this time I shall. Father, You know her heart is full of love for you, as I know it is. You have brought her thru so much Father, please continue to give her strength to fight the evil of this world. Please back off all evil and darkness from around her, that she may do what she has to do. Please answer her petition to you. Thank you for bringing her into our lives. I claim her as mine, because long ago you sent her to us. Show those that cause her and her (child) children pain how big You are and how big Your Son is, over powering the darkness of the those that would hurt her. Please put a wall of protection around her and her children that evil cannot penetate, as you continue to pull her ever closer to you. Father, You know I rarely say that I want anything. I want this young woman and her children safe and to have peace only You can give. Wrap Your wings of protection around them please Father. In the name of your holy Son, Jesus the Christ I do pray. All things to Your wisdom, Your power, Your mercy and Your glory. .........Bettie

    Freaky huh? Well I was thinking of you and cancer and your daughter (that you showed a picture of ) and I actually slipped a few words to change who it was addressed for and I think you were here (sent to this forum) and so many people love you here. So I pass this poem from Gamms to you.. She would have liked that then probably would make some wize crack about I cant seem to stop witnessing.

    I forgot to say we lived 2 states away. On a site I had never visited, but she did, I left an anonymous prayer. She found it, knew it was me and returned the answer thru email. She said she would know her child anywhere. She did.

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