What are you good at?

by JH 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • kls

    I am good at sticking my foot in my mouth ( yes it is a talent) seems ok when it comes out but the look on peoples faces says other wise.

    I can talking sdrawkcab( backwards ) without even trying.

    I am good at speeding and not getting caught ( yet)

    Oh yes and shopping

  • Mulan

    I'm a really good grandma.

    My husband is happy with me too and says I'm a great cook. Others have said that too, so I think it's true.

  • juni

    Good evening, Mulan. Nice to read your post.

    I, too, am a good "nana". Love my grandchildren and taking care of them. Love my adult kids.

    I am patient, loyal, trustworthy, and kind with people.

    I'm a very good floral designer.

    I'm good at taking care of peoples' needs. Also, listening to their cares and worries.

    I'm a good driver.

    Well that's my self-affirmation list. Juni :)

  • Super_Becka

    I like to think I'm a good listener with a level head, my friends love coming to me for some advice on just about everything, and I enjoy being a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear, it makes me feel good.

    I like to think that I'm good at making people smile and laugh, especially when they really need it.

    I'm good at being mature when I need to be, but I'm also good at being child-like when I want to, too.

    What else am I good at?? Not sure, what do you think??

    -Becka :)

  • sf

    Blowing. Whistles.


  • damselfly

    Some days not much, today I was good at touching people the right way.

    I am usually good at pep talks and linking people with needed information.

    Also very good at making fun of myself.


  • Quentin

    I was told once that sitting next to me was like sitting next to a "warm fuzzy"...agitated people become calm when conversing with me...most of the time

  • Calliope

    i'm good at being patient.

    but i'm not good at planning ahead.

    it's a bit contradictory.

  • JH

    Oh, I'm also good in photoshop.

    I just made this from scratch. I put a black background, and made starts, then found a picture of the earth and pasted it on, then I made a sun(I'm colorblind), and I found a picture of the moon and pasted that on too, and made an exploding star from deep space.

    That took about 30 minutes to do all that.

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