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  • stillAwitness
    I would have to say everything between the front cover and the back cover.

  • Think

    Yeaahh , Here come another "classic":

    We HAVE the Truth, can't you see that ?

    What is wrong with YOU ???

  • enderby

    fallacies are a rather controversial notion in the field of argumentation. they have their roots back aristotle's 'sophistic refutations'. but, generally, in our time, academics agree that fallacies are mistakes in reasoning, which occur with some frequency in real arguments and which are characteristically deceptive (Govier, 1995).
    the best thing i've ever seen written on argumentation and the WTBS is a chapter called "Argumentation & Manipulation" in ray franz's book "In Search of Christian Freedom".
    a more controversial analysis of christian reasoning as a whole can be found in nietzsche's Geneology of Morals. there, he focuses on the psychological motivation behind the way Christians go about justifying their beliefs.

  • nicolaou
    The problem is that ALL the words in the WT publications are fallacies.

    Now that's a fallacy!

  • badboy

    Example,Christendom's clergy has blessed war(Evolution book,therefore christendom and evolution are false!)

    A lot of catholic priests are paedos,therefore catholicism is false,jws are right.

  • Oroborus21

    Are you kidding?

    Like someone else said, if you want a more meaningful response to your post/thread you may have to define what you are lookign for by way of discussing.

    Logical fallacies? theological fallacies? factual fallacies? etc. and maybe give us what you are talking about or what you have found.


    PS: Ozzie, that's a little too simplistic and untrue. Not everything is a fallacy.

  • badboy

    Factual fallacies/common misconeption

  • Think

    False Prophet.

  • Oroborus21

    I think you are still going to need to clarify and also specify a time period.

    After all statements made by Russell may well have been shown to be eitehr misconceptions or false under current science (but perhaps believed to be true then).

    The Golden Age is full of all kinds of such fallacies. And we can go back just a few decades to talk about such fallacies as vaccinations are bad, that transplants are cannabalism (more of a theological fallacy) or that the literal heart is the seat of emotion and controls the brain at an emotive level or we can go back to last week's Service Meeting discussion which stated or implied that blood transfusions are bad...

    that's what i am saying, you have to be kidding with your question-post?

    While not every word is a fallacy or untruth (and maybe the majority is true or at least consistent) there are too many such factual fallacies to list.


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