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  • Nosferatu

    I bet all of them have a copy of "Bad Blood" written by Brother Dalgleish.

  • joelbear

    this appears to be becoming the cornerstone of their faith.

  • sir82
    this appears to be becoming the cornerstone of their faith.

    That and one's attitude toward college.

    It appears the Society's desire is to have loyal band of ignorant martyrs-in-waiting.

  • Clam
    In some cases with your permission they may be able to offer suggestions to the doctors who are performing the surgery.

    In our local hospital the HLC stuck their noses in on a case where a sister died in child birth. She would've lived with a transfusion. Her baby survived and was left without a mother, and her non JW husband was left without a wife. Since then the HLC get shown the door by security. The staff hate them. Yet they give the impression that the surgeons all done up in their scrubs are going to say "Right we need to speak to the HLC, they'll know what to do."

  • blondie
  • M.J.

    I know one member that sold medical equipment to hospitals before joining the committee. He's probably a superstar.

  • Rook

    They're a bunch Manics.

  • stillAwitness

    My mom is having knee surgery in the coming weeks. I just don't want nobody poking their nose in where they don't belong.

    I know its wrong but I plan on slipping her blood card out of her wallet just in case.

  • willyloman

    Whenver the subject of blood and JWs comes up, it's very clear that the average dub (including the average ex-dub) has NO IDEA what's going on with respect to where the WTS stands on this issue or what they have done to reduce the friction between dub patients and hospital personnel in the last decade or so.

    That's the WTS' fault, of course, because they've obfuscated. And done so on purpose, in my view, in order to confuse the issue and provide them an "out" should their prayers for a government-approved blood substitute not be realized in the near future -- which event would solve all their problems in this area.

    Here's the deal: First, quite a few HLC members actually do have some sort of medical or healthcare background. On a typical HLC there's usually at least one, and he's the Alpha Male of the group. Often he is called in to consult with hospitals on treatment of JWs. If the hospital is launching a "bloodless surgery" program of some kind, the HLC is one of the first places they go for consultation.

    Many times this HLC member parlays this consulting job into a permanent position on the hospital staff, running or supervising the new bloodless program. As such, he then becomes a hospital employee and a member of the team. When that occurs, he becomes a consultant to doctors and nurses and often provides "in service" seminars to these professionals. Such program directors have been known to get quite chummy with OR and ER surgeons, often being invited to "scrub in" so they are in the operating room during surgery on a dub, able to answer questions about which procedures are "acceptable" if an emergency arises.

    These guys enjoy a prestigious position in the WT hierarchy. Often they are pioneers and are allowed to count the time they spend on the job at the hospital - imagine if you could count most of your eight hours a day!

    The average dub, and many people on this forum, based on the posts in this thread, have no idea this goes on. I'm not saying there aren't janitors and window washers posing as HLC members; being a good company man is prerequisite number one for the job. And I'm not saying they are trained medical professionals. But they have learned the nomenclature, done the reading and worked their way in to the hospitals and into the good graces of a number of surgeons, primarily because by being there to answer questions and guide treatment they make the surgeons' lives much easier.

    Go into any one of these pro-JW programs in a hospital near you and you are likely to be greeted or visited by a program director who is also an elder and who is more than happy to "assist" you in making the right decision on the "approved" medical management of your situation. And dubs make it easy for them, since the vast majority carry no up-to-date "blood card," haven't filled out a DPA, and have absolutely no idea what their options are. Fractions? Whattchootalkin' about? It usually comes down to, What does Mother say? And whatever Mother (the WTS) allows, that's what they want.

  • TallTexan
    They have to be breaking some kind of law here. Kind of like if someone was to act as an attorney for someone and they really aren't one? Same thing right?

    No, because they don't claim to be M.D.'s. Unfortunately, they are not breaking the law.

    So how are they able to go to these medical conferences and all?

    Anyone w/ the $$ can attend a medical conference.

    It is comical how the Society portrays the HLC as competent to recommend treatment plans to practicing surgeons. I guess they have to portray that image or brother R&F may think twice about entrusting his life to the HLC....

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