Moslem world outrage over cartoons of prophet

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  • moshe

    We have lots of Jewish comedians, but everyone seems to agree: Muslims have no sense of humor!



  • Hellrider

    Hm, I`ve been thinking a bit about this now, and I wonder: Shouldn`t the moslem world really be thanking us for this instead? LoL, I know that sounds crazy, but listen:

    Over the last 4-5 centuries the European contries developed democracy, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Of course, this was a complicated process, but to (over)simplify: Along with the development of freedom of speech, came freedom of religion. In a theocratic, authoritarian state without freedom of speech, there is no freedom of religion. Because without freedom of speech, the church could do and say what it damn well pleased, and noone could ever argue with it. The church said "jump, you heathen little heretics", then we jumped (the ones that didn`t want to be burned at the stake, that is), and when the church said "put on your armor and a white shirt with a big cross on the front, go to Palestine and rape and kill every heathen you see!", then that`s what we did. Eventually, we got sick of this, and started speaking our minds. This was the first seed of freedom of speech. As this seed grew stronger, we could rid ourself of the churchs monopoly on truth, and the churchs almost allmighty power. And to make a long story short, it was because of this (the development of our countries, with democracy, freedom of speech and it`s twin brother, freedom of religion), we stopped going to the moslem countries dressed in armor and white shirts with crosses on them to rape and kill everything we saw, wasn`t it!! If it hadn`t been for this, we would probably still be doing that! And now they`re upset about the very principles that saved their little heathen asses?!?!

    Hot damn, that pisses me off immmmmmensly....

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    "The Quran clearly forbids anyone from belittling a prophet, whether Jesus Christ, Abraham or Muhammad -- peace and blessings be upon them -- and it stresses they must be accorded utmost respect," said Ragab Zaki, a Muslim Sunni senior cleric at Egypt's Ministry of Endowments.

    "Ridiculing any prophet is a crime, according to the Quran," he said.

    I don't see them jumping up and down over Jesus cartoons, or depictions of Jesus in TV comedy skits.


    It is the perogative of the literalist fundamentalist to be outraged at anything that is a slight of their self-percieved wisdom.

    Some fundamentalists trust in their own views to the point where it requires the mandatory involvement of others in their 'way' (eg.jws and in this case moslems)


    jeboobah isn't my God - and nor do I live under Quran law

    If it's that offensive peacability requires the consideration of it, but the explanation seems rather hypocritical.

    What country with what law do they think they are living in?

  • jstalin

    The Drudge Report has one of the cartoons posted:

    And some articles... those nuts are going berserk!,2144,1889584,00.html

  • Gerard

    I'll fix this international problem if anny body tells me where is the black dot:

  • Gerard

    Howcome there is outrage for a cartoon but they ignore the kidnaped & decapitated aid workers?

  • Hellrider
    those nuts are going berserk!

    That`s right! I can`t believe how this thing is being blown so completely out of proportions. Yeah, Moshe is right, they have no sense of humour. An imam living freely in our country (living on social welfare, by the way...) - mullah Krekar, who used to be the leader of ansar-al-Islam in norther Iraq, and who is a suspected terrorist, has now stated that this means war! He has now said that this means that "the west" has now declared war on Islam. And this from a guy living in my country, benefitting from our welfare system, protected from his political enemies by my country! Imagine that! Just because a couple of newspapers printed some drawings of their precious prophet!

    At first I was a bit divided on this, thinking "was it really necessary to print those pictures, when we all know that it`s gonna upset the moslem world". I now see that it was. And I am very disturbed by the fact that politicians and the newspaper-editors who printed these pictures, now are trying to smooth things over, cause they are getting scared. One newspaper-editor in France has allready been fired by the owner, for printing those drawins. Ridicolous! He should have been promoted instead - for putting his life on the line for the principle of freedom of speech!

    I am also very disturbed by the fact that the place where they seem to be most outraged, and most angry at us (burning our flags and all, although I feel burning a flag is perfectly fine, and an expression of freedom of speech...which is the whole point of this thing) - is at the Gaza strip! Now, we all know that the US is almost never critical about Israel, and how the Israelis condict themselves in the occupied territories. But the Europeans, now that`s a whole different thing! Europeans in general, and in particular the European media (perhas with the exception of the British) is always concerned with how the Israelis are violating human rights, how the Palestinians are (mis)treated, etc. We constantly show concern for the palestinian people, it`s in the news almost on a daily basis. And now they go totally nuts over something like this? Ridicolous.

    Moshe is right. Moslems have no sense of humour.

  • Gynesz

    Well, I think it's gone too far. It started out as 12 satiric cartoons of Muhammed, and now several countries have boycotted Denmark and demanded the danes in those countries to leave. The cartoons were meant to show the importancy of freedom of speech in Denmark, and now alot of muslims complain about it, because it's against their religion, but not against the law in Denmark. The crazy thing about this is, that they don't just blame the newspaper or the people who drew the cartoons, but whole friggin' Denmark and everything that has to do with it!

    The classic politics vs. religion.

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