Was J.F. Rutherford An Alcoholic and Why On Halloween Night?

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  • minimus

    Are you ready to explain this scandal? Illuminate us with your thoughts before it is too late.

  • Rook

    Rutherford couldn't have gotten his imagination while being sober...he gotta be under the influence. I gotta give it to him though, he recruited alot people, who till this day believe it's not a fairytail...eventhough he said he was only joking.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Of course! He was an alcoholic every nite, silly!

    Besides, methinks it was this spirit that inspired him. Since he had it smuggled in from Canada, and housed in Bethel, he thought it was 'Holy', in the presence of of the Holy of Holies, you know.


    BTW - Cute takeoff on that other thread, Min.

  • minimus

    Was Rutherford REALLY the ressurected Charles Taze Russell????

  • blondie

    Wasn't Rutherford already and an adult when CTR died? Are you suggesting that the spirit of CTR possessed JFR?

  • minimus

    Yes, Blondie and JFK, too! I hope at least YOU can seethe Illuminati's hand in all of this!

  • skyman

    I was eating and had to spit my food out I was chocking, I was laughing so hard you can't be serious can you?.

  • greendawn

    Rutherford was an alcoholic for sure since even his loyal supporters like McMillan admitted that he was drinking too much and that he was overagressive in his approach to the JWs at Bethel. Anything but a well behaved and humble servant of his fellow brothers.

    But why do you connect here Halloween night?

  • minimus

    See if you folks can figure what I'm doing.

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