Anyone See The Body Worlds Exhibit?

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  • kristyann

    lol tetrapod...Thank you for that very amusing post about how haunted I am... I will be sure to keep that in mind.

    It doesn't go under the label of science just to justify it... it goes under the label of science when it is used for scientific research purposes.

  • Quotes

    I saw it the previous weekend.

    I was totally amazed...

    ... and pretty creeped out...

    ... but totally and sincerely fascinated...

    ... and very squeemish...

    ... but stunned and amazed...

    ... but had to sit down for a bit before I fainted....

    ... but stayed nearly three hours!


  • FlyingHighNow

    The cool thing about this is that the bodies don't decay or smell. It would be nice if this were an affordable alternative to embalming. From what I understand, the people in the exhibit donated their bodies for plastination. Lots of people prefer to think of their bodies being so well preserved and not buried, but being used to educate. If it was me though, I'd want my skin left on.

    I understand that one man covered the mother's belly with a blanket because he felt it was so sad and disrespectful to display them like that.

    The exhibit fascinates me, but I am not sure I could view it. In seventh grade my teacher brought disected cats and fetuses in babyfood jars from Emory University School of Medicene. One of the jars contained a tubal pregnancy. She told us we would be minced meat if we shook the baby out of the cross section of fallopian tube. None of that bothered me, but then I was 13 or so.

  • freedomlover

    this sounds bad I don't live in Canada. I used to be so grossed by this stuff when i was younger now it fascinates me. I could spend days in that place.....

  • willowmoon

    freedomlover, if you're anywhere near Philadelphia the exhibit is running at the Franklin Institute till around April, I believe. Tickets have been a little difficult to get, so best to get a request in early. Hope you get to see it!


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Some people find it soothing to place flowers on a person's grave on special days. Somehow I can't say going to visit Grandma in a museum would be very soothing

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Tetra: "it's funny that people need to justify the exhibit as "scientific" in order to go see it. they can't just go see it as art, because somehow that is different. somehow as art it is disturbing, but as science, well then, that's okay then."
    What struck me as funny is that if this exhibit showed dead naked people with their skin on, many people would've considered it pornographic and offensive. Somehow, without skin, it's "scientific".
    Tetra: "what is it you people are so afraid of? "
    Yes, some people are afraid. I was more disturbed. But disturbed is good too. It got me thinking. For me, what I didn't like about the exhibit was the macabre energy behind it. They had on display one of the donor's forms where he expressed why he wanted to become part of the exhibit. And there was the air of "I want to be immortal" in it. To me, it seems that many people are looking for yet another way to "cheat death". I view death as part of the journey to be accepted. And when death happens it is to be honoured and released, not oggled for artistic purposes. But that's just me.
    I love the human form. I think it's fascinating and spiritual and sacred in many ways. I just didn't feel that this exhibit honoured that beauty. That's my opinion anyhow.
    tall penguin

  • damselfly

    I haven't seen the exhibit but there is a book I believe, with the same sort of images. I would go to see this, the human body is fascinating to me. I don't view it as art but these images are beautiful in a haunting way.


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