When is the Memorial for 2006?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    The formula they use to determine Nisan 14 is;

    Add fourteen days to the new moon nearest the spring equinox. Closest nwe moon to Spring equinox is on Feb 28 - so why did they not come up with March 14?

    Mea Culpa - I was without glasses and clearly half-asleep when I wrote this.

    Spring equinox is on March 20... duh. Was looking at wrong month.

    New Moon following spring equinox is on March 29. [Which is also the new moon nearest the equinox, which is the way I recall the indoctrination, Scully. But I may have been incorrectly indoctrinated. LOL]

    Fourteen days hence would be April 12. I am not sure if the day of the new moon was to be counted or not.

    BTW - the Watchtower went to great lengths in one article to disprove the Jewish date of Passover as Nisan 15, though I do not recall the details.

    Anyway, I apologize for not having me brain fully engaged before I posted this morning. Needed


  • bennyk

    Actually, under the system used in the first century, the month began with a VISIBLE sighting of the new moon crescent. If, on the day that the new moon SHOULD have been seen, cloud cover prevented such a sighting, the NEXT day was declared the first day of the month. Because we do not know whether or not there will be cloud cover that prevents a VISIBLE new moon in Jerusalem, we could not possibly calculate IN ADVANCE the first day of the month using their original method. Nor can we know what the actual lunation was on the day of the first Eucharist...

  • Special K
    Special K

    I've decided to celebrate Christmas twice this year... (making up for lost time). Just so happens I'm celebrating it on the 12th/13th or there abouts..so can't make it to memorial..

    . LOL

    Special K

  • Virgochik

    Ohmigoodness, April 12 it is! That barely gives me enuff time to shop for my new wholesome outfit! Such an event! I will need new shoes, handbag, spring coat, modest dress, nd a new haircut to go with my pious smirk! NOT!

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