Did Jesus Already Come in 1918?????

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  • RevFrank

    I had to ponder on this for a while . According to the watchtower Jesus came invisiblly back in 1918..I think. And if this is so then shouldn't the Tribulation be up on us?

    I mean is shouldn't we be taken up to heaven in 1918? Well in 1 THESSALONIANS 4: 15-17, it states that christians should be taken up as the apperance of the Lord comes. That means millions should have vanished in 1918......

    think on it.....


  • Woodsman

    Stop quoting scriptures, you'll confuse people.

  • Rook

    Revelations 1:7 makes it clear that when Jesus returns, we'll know it!! He won't do so invisibly. This is one of many false prophecies the JW organization has had regarding the end of the world/2nd coming of Christ. I would suggest reading the Bible with an Open Mind. Don't try to straightjacket all it's passages into the mold of a few pet doctrines. And don't read into its passages ideas that are not there, not even for a Sermon. But try to search out fairly and honestly the main teachings and lessons of each passage. Thus we will come to believe what we ought to believe; for the Bible is abundantly able to take care of itself, if given a chance.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    JW's believe that the jesus second coming is actualy a period which started in 1914 when he was enthroned in heaven as king. The first thing he supposedly did as king was battle with Satan and cast him and his demons down to earth.

    What makes their belief even more ridiculous is their claims that the war in heaven ended in 1918 (coinciding with the release of watchtower officials from prison.) It took jesus and his angels 4 years to cast satan and his demons out of heaven. Funny to think that Satan could resist jesus in battle for four years. Considering Jesus is supposed to have created (or at least co-created) him and all the demons in the first place.


  • atypical

    I think they use that date because Rutherford was in control by then. He took over by 1917, which caused a lot of scandal. The Bible Students still exist to this day and still hold to Russell's teachings. I think the WTS uses that date to differentiate themselves from the Russellites. Everything they do is based on their claim that they are God's channel. They can't let that claim be confused by a large group who still teaches what Russell taught.

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