Greyhound Racing Using live Animals As Blood Bait ,Australia

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  • smiddy

    Four corners , ABC , TV program shows the Greyhound Racing Industry`s top trainers , owners ,ex stewards in at least 3 states , NSW ,QLD , and VIC , using live piglets , native possums ,and rabbits as bait for their racing dogs at training tracks.

    They tie or bind the animals on a lure , let the dogs chase them a few times with muzzles on then take the muzzles off and let the dogs catch and maul them to death giving the dogs a taste for blood and give them an advantage in the racing industry.

    If your an animal lover and against cruelty to animals you could let your voice be heard no matter where you live on planet earth .

    Let Greyhound Racing Australia Know the world is aware of this abhorrent practice .

    Thank you


  • Simon

    Shut them down. No excuses - close them and smash the place to pieces.

    Ban the non-sport.

  • jwleaks
  • smiddy

    Thank you jwleaks for the links


  • jwleaks
    You're welcome smiddy.
  • cantleave
  • Awake at last
    Awake at last
    And when the dogs are too old or sick or injured they are offered for adoption. There are so many of them that homes cannot be found for all so many are put down. Only the best ones are adopted. The injured are usually injured due to the racing. Make money and then discard them. Disgusting. So not only the rabbits, pigs,etc., but the dogs themselves are treated badly.
  • smiddy

    " It has been the norm for as long as I can remember blooding the dogs, you have got to blood the dogs."

    Greyhound Trainer Wollongong NSW.

    "The "beauty" with cats and possums is they will fight for their lives"

    Former NSW Greyhound Trainer

    " They usually use possums can see claw marks in the sand ....there`s blood all over the track"

    Track manager

    17 people are so far under investigation in 3 states and a few training sites are shut down however it is obvious that the other 3 states must also be involved in this practice , but not exposed in this particular investigation ,

    Some 18000 Greyhound dogs are put down every year in Australia because they don`t run fast enough for their owners and make them enough money..


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