Where is the Passion now?

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  • ferret

    I must say that for the first forty years of my life I was a JW. I can honestly say I was not passionate about it. I have been out over 25 years now and I am far more passionate about the freedom I enjoy. I can make all my own decisions, example choose the government that I favor, go to any church I feel like, except a lifesaving blood transfusion, and live life the way I want. Seeing I have been out for over 25 years I am not financially strapped (not rich) as I have made choices in my life that has helped to provide for my wife and I. The time for people to get out is while they ars still young. I'm encouraged by the fact this seems to be the trend. I'm enjoying my senior years so much more than if I had stayed in. Good luck to all who are trying to leave no matter which route you choose.l

  • DanTheMan

    I put my love of music on the back burner when I was a jaydub, going so far as to destroy a lot of CD's at the time of my conversion in the early 90's. Not that I really miss my Megadeth and Guns N' Roses CD's all that much, but it was a huge shift from the natural assumption that I always had prior - if I like it, then it's good! I was almost completely stagnant during my 10 years in the dubs, not really developing my tastes or expanding my horizons in any area of life, including music, which I deeply regret as it has always been my first passion.

    So now I'm rediscovering my lost love and building up my CD collection with a variety of different things, and playing my guitar with some real love and excitement. You shoulda heard me playing 'Foxy Lady' a couple of nights ago, I was channeling Jimi.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Sammies wife , Yes I understand completely your post about how it is growing up so sheltered and not having the opportunity to expand interests. I am in my forties and just now feeling free enough to begin a search of what passions I may have .

  • FlyingHighNow
    I am attracted to intense, passionate people.

    Wow, thanks FlyingHighNow. I thought it was the sight of all that steel and leather I wear but I see you have discovered the real me.

    The Intense Passionate Gladiator.

    Hey, Glad, it's a combo of both the steel, leather, Russel Crowe good looks, intensity and passion.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Ferret , it is good to know it's not to late. I think the kids growing up now are to smart to stay in as long as me .I hope I raised mine with enough freedom of choice that they will make the decisions best for them.


    Since I know who you are and since I was in you neighboring Kingdom Hall and since I was trapped for 49 years in the religion, I can cerainly empathize with your pain of uncertainty. Your thinking, what do I live for now? Let me tell you, there's lots of good life out there. Enjoying the simple things. Sitting on the porch of an evening watching the children play, the sunset, smelling the flowers, enjoying a cool drink or a bowl of ice-cream. Imagine doing this while everyone else is at all those damned old meetings. As an elder's wife you spent all that time getting the family ready for meetings and field service. We were kept so busy serving we never experienced living. Is it out of fear of not pleasing God that you're asking about going to another church? I went to some others churches 3 times. I couldn't get real excited about what they were doing. If you notice some of my posts and replies to posts I have steered away from religion of any type. I don't need their God of fear and I don't want their control in my life. I sat down a few years ago and said a ferverent prayer not necessarily directed to any being, but in this prayer I said I want to know the truth and I'm willing to pay the price the answer may require. Within a short period of time tons of information came flooding in to me but the information and direction wasn't to any church. The information turned out to be in short that God, whoever or whatever he is has to be bigger than the Bible and religion. I started to rethink God without the concept of being born in sin and needing a saviour. I started looking at history, archaeology, science, and modern discoveries to format my thinking. I've concentrated more on being a good person, a good neighbor, and the father to my children that I never was. I love everything about life more than ever and I try to get the most out of each moment of life. Sometimes I catch myself meandering as you call it when I can't get a handle on what I'm trying to say. I don't know if what I just tried to say makes any sense, but one thing for sure is that my life is better than it ever was as a witness. I'm not trying to tell you or anyone else on this board the answers to life and where to find them. There's just life and I think we should be busy living it!!!

  • Honesty
    There are serious Christian religions where one can have a good spiritual life, the JWs are not in any way necessary and they are not spiritually sound anyway. They got most of their doctrines wrong as they themselves admit and they keep changing them.

    Spot on!!! I say the JW's have 99.9% of their doctrines wrong. Must be the reason for all the New Light and new publications. Gotta keep the $ flowing in.

  • TallTexan
    I've always wanted to learn Tai Chi ... Missing meetings is freeing up my time

    Take a Tai Chi class that meets on your meeting nights. That way you'll have something to do other than sit around and feel guilty. Pretty soon, you won't feel guilty at all.

  • oldflame
    Are there many who have begun attending services in other churches and do you use your insight and experience in teaching others about cult experiences? ..sammieswife.

    Yes I attend a different church than a kingdom hall and yes that is why I am here at JWD to help others and to learn more than I ever knew about this cult.

  • unique1

    I guess I did miss out and wonder what I could have been had I not been pushed into home schooling and a trade course online (that's about as close to college as the Awakes ). I could have played trombone in a symphony, it was my passion for a long time. If I had of had the chance to go to a real college, I may have been a geologist or some similar professional. Alas I am 28 and have responsibilities now. I have a full time job and don't have the time for school. I like my job though. I have started taking yoga and love it. I would like to be a mom someday. I still haven't gotten back into playing trombone or piano again yet, but perhaps with time. I still have a whole life ahead of me. I have made new friends outside the JW's. We will just have to see where life takes me.

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