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  • Scatteredsheep

    A couple of newspapers with readers in Kansas and Missouri may want to do feature articles based on the BIG NEWS. For this they'll need some local human interest.

    Feature articles will help keep the BIG NEWS alive in people's minds for a long time.

    Have any of you in Kansas or Missouri ever had a friend or relative die because they refused a blood transfusion? Or have you had any other significant experiences related to the blood issue? Or do you feel you were misled in any way by the medical "facts" on blood published by the WTS? Or has the article in the JOURNAL OF CHURCH AND STATE made any significant change in your belief about blood transfusion? If so, would you be willing to talk to a reporter about it?

  • sf
    For this they'll need some local human interest.

    I don't get this statement. Surely there are many jws AND THEIR CHILDREN in your community, thus a local human interest.


  • Snoozy

    Funny thing happened..I knew a teenage witness ..his Mom was a witness..he had an appendix burst and they said he need blood..his Mom and he both refused..(He was a minor) they went to Texas..(JW DR) and had it done with no blood..

    A short time later he was swimming with other witnesses in a river with bad currents and he drowned...

    Was that his reward for "Faithfullness?"

    Ironic wasn't it.

    Snoozy Q

  • Scatteredsheep


    By "human interest" I meant personal stories and/or comments from people in Kansas and Missouri, so the newspapers can SHOW, rather than just SAY, that local people really are personally affected by this issue.

    For example, I can tell them that I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and, as a result of what I was taught, have always had the impression that blood transfusions were extremely risky and that non-blood substitutes were always a safer choice even in dire emergencies. But after prayerful consideration of the information in Kerry Lauderback-Wood's article, I realize that I was misled and I've stopped carrying my NO BLOOD card.

    Do any of you in Kansas/Missouri have a similar experience to relate?

    More dramatic experiences that illustrate the harm the Society's misrepresentations of medical facts have caused, would be even better.

    Or if you just want to tell how you FELT after reading the article in the JOURNAL OF CHURCH & STATE, (and give the reporter permission to quote you, of course) that might work.

    Does that help clear things up, sKally? Any more questions? Feel free to ask. You might be wondering how the word "local" could apply to two whole States. Well, people are kind of spread-out here. One large newspaper, THE KANSAS CITY STAR is read in both Kansas and Missouri, pretty much statewide, I think.


  • rebel8

    Are there actually reporters looking for someone to interview? If so, I'm surprised they didn't just contact AJWRB, an entire organization devoted to the JW blood issue whose web site is linked in the Associated Press article. It's strange they'd need to ask around on internet forums to find someone to interview.

  • Scatteredsheep


    I'm the one that's looking. Not for the "experts" like you'd expect to find on AJWRB, but for ordinary down-home folks that are affected by this. I'd like to be able to show the Feature Editors that there's that kind of story out here. But maybe there isn't.

    If no one else comes forward, I doubt they could make a feature article out of just my one little experience.

    Oh well. I tried.

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