How did you treat your worldly relatives when you were a JW

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  • blondie

    We socialized a great deal with my mother's and father's non-JW relatives. We just made it a rule not to discuss religion or politics. It worked very well. But when your father is not a JW, the congregation allows more leeway. But then they also brand you bad association because you might be contaminated by your non-JW father.


  • elliej

    We tried to keep normal relationships with our non Jw relatives, but there was always that "thing" there between us. When we announced our decision to leave, all embraced us with open arms and no "I told you so's". Only love and relief. We also heard many "We've been waiting for you" and "We have prayed for so long for you". We had no idea. Nobody ever put any pressure on us. Just the exact opposite of the JW side. Now we really know the meaning of love, not the fake, conditional love of the JW's.

  • pratt1

    My Mom tried her damnest to keep a distance between me and my worldly relatives.

    She also had a superiority complex, they were wicked and were going to be destroyed anyway.

    I have to admit that I bought into this kind of thinking and even though I am closer to those relatives now, they are still feel hurt over being made to feel less than worthy by both me and my mom.

    I've tried to make amends, but their resentment sometimes comes through.

    I just try to love them for who they are and forgive, not only them, but myself.

  • Chimene

    No different what so ever. Friends come and go, family is forever.

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