Watchtower failing in it's stated purpose

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  • carla

    have never seen people referred to as coakroaches --------------------Then shame on you, you haven't been reading your wt's this year have you? I think it was the Dec issue wasn't it? that they called all the rest of us 'pests' and in german I think it translated to cockroaches.

    If you really believe the wt has any kind of truth at all, it should be able to withstand scrutiny. I find jw's seem to be so unaware of what the wt's actually say it astounds me. At home my jw says, 'they never said that', then when you show them they say it is out of context. Then because they cannot answer to the stupidity or complete unchristian attitude of the article they will then start asking where you got it, who told you to say that, etc.. As if that can change anything about the article at all.

    Why don't you take the challenge and start reading from the very begining of your org? Why not? it's your own literature, should be approved shouldn't it?

  • Stewart75

    There's something which has crossed my mind too often, after doing some research, meeting people myself- I have become more convinced that Speaking in Tongues was mis interpretered wrongly by the pentecostals. I would be interested to hear JW's view of speaking in tongues and why Jehovah Witness classify them as one of the christodom.

    Clarification would be much appreciated


  • wombat

    Wow. I just blacked out from hyperventilating. Being an Australian I have to read out loud an Ezra and had three full-stops in his eighteen lines.

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