Ezekiels Wheel a UFO? Driven by the LORD?

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  • Franz

    Flying objects in the Bible that are associated with angels resemble UFOs: Elijah's chariot of fire, the cloudlike pillar that led the Israelites through the desert and Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel. Some UFO aliens look just like humans; so do angels in the old testament. Some UFO aliens look like creatures; so did the creatures that Ezekiel saw. UFOs have been seen going off into outer space (the second heaven). They can't be demons because demons were cast down to the earth and can't leave the planet. Demons do not appear in physical form, but they inhabit other bodies like people, the serpent in the garden, the pigs that commited suicide in the new testament. Angels, like UFO aliens have appeared in physical form and disappeared into thin air. Demons do not have flying objects associated with them, angels do. UFO aliens walk through walls and abduct people. An angel passed into the jail and walked Peter out though he was surrounded by guards. Angels, the sons of God in Genesis 6:2, had sex with earth women; some female ufo abductees claim they either had sex with aliens are were impregnated with half human half alien babies, which were later removed during another ufo abduction. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that demons have sex with people. An angel announced to Mary that she would have a child while still a virgin; she was impregnated. Angels act as God's hands to do His will. The Biblical evidence strongly suggests that UFO aliens are angels and not demons. If UFO aliens are the angels of God then the second coming of Jesus Christ will be a UFO invasion, since the Bible says He is coming back with angels. They will abduct sinners and throw them in hell and abduct saints and put them in heaven In Acts 9:3-6, and Acts 22:6-10, the apostle Paul tells about a bright light in the sky that was seen by him and others with him, and the Lord Jesus spoke to him from this light. This is an incident where Jesus is associated directly with a UFO. The Bible is what christians are supposed to use to judge truth. In the Bible, UFOs are associated with angels and the Lord Jesus. There are no flying objects associated with demons anywhere in the Bible. The Biblical evidence shows UFO aliens to be what the Bible describes as the host of heaven or angels and not demons.The nativity star was probably a starlike UFO piloted by angels.-(extraterestrials or the Host of heaven) The Bible uses figrative language in places. Angels in the Bible are called stars figuratively Rev. 1:20, so calling that UFO a star would be Biblically accurate if it was refering to the Angel that was inside of it. Stars and planets appear to be an infinite distance away so they cannot appear to hover over a particular place like the Bible says that this one did, 2:9. ...the star which they saw in the East, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was. Also this star went before them as if it was leading them on, and a real star cannot do this because it appears to be an infinite distance away and you can't follow its lead. A UFO that looks like a star can do these things. In Luke 2:9 an angel appeared to shepherds in the field at the time of Jesus' birth ...the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shown round about them. In Exodus 13:21 it says that the Lord went before the Israelites in a pillar of a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night; there is a modern day UFO that has been seen to fit this description, a white cigar shape by day with a yellow glow at night; it is a mother ship that has been seen to have smaller UFOs associated with it. (A man named David Spore in England filmed one of these cloudlike pillar UFOs) Exodus 14:19 says that the angel of God went behind the Israelites and the pillar of the cloud went and stood behind them. This shows that there was an angel of God inside of this UFO. This cloudlike pillar UFO is also called the glory of the Lord in Exodus in several places, Exodus 16:7-10, 24:16,17 etc.. In Luke 2:9 it could be interpreted that an angel of the Lord inside of a pillar of fire UFO mother ship came upon the shepherds, and the UFOs light shown round about them. Luke 2:13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host...; a multitude of extraterestrials also were in the area. Since there was so much extraterestrial activity in the area around Jesus' birth, and the nativity star looked and behaved like a starlike UFO, I think it is reasonable to believe that the nativity star was a UFO with an angel or angels in it. It may have been associated with the glory of the Lord pillar UFO mothership.

  • GoatOfMendes

    Very interesting theories.

  • nicolaou

    Can you say 'Daniken'?

  • james_woods

    So, in the immortal words of Captain Kirk, (and echoed by Mr. Spock) -

    Why would GOD need a Starship?

    Or, even the Angels, for that matter -

  • kid-A

    Hi Franz (goat of mendes) welcome back! I missed your alien threads!

    BTW, you need to try harder at disguising your IP address! LMAO !!!

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  • heathen

    personally I like the WTBTS rendering of ezekiels chariot . It makes more sense since it's obvious this thing was a vision . If you read the whole account one of the wheels is actually in the temple sanctuary observing the corruption inside the temple so there is no way it's a metalic object of space craft .

  • nicolaou
    one of the wheels is actually in the temple sanctuary observing the corruption inside the temple

    Uh hu! Yeah, that's why it couldn't be a spacecraft.

  • heathen

    well unless the wheel was the size of a soccer ball . I think it's described as being fairly large tho since it was a wheel that was on the celestial chariot of which Gods throne was the center piece . or are you suggesting interdementional transference where the wheel or space ship can go thru walls and solid matter .

  • nicolaou

    Um, you know sometimes I can't tell when you're kidding or serious.

    Nic' backs slowly out of the topic looking carefully all around him

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