Ever get anonymous mail from JWs?

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  • kristyann

    One of my boyfriend's friends gets mail every once in awhile, and it is anonymous... it's usually a Watchtower or Awake! sent in a big envelope, and certain passages are highlighted. For instance, when he stopped going out in field service, he got a Watchtower with an article about the importance of dedicating one's life to the ministry highlighted, along with some of those articles where there is some person that is about 70 or 80 talking about how persecuted they were for the ministry but how happy they are that they got to share in spreading the good news about the kingdom or whatever. He still gets stuff like this once in awhile, with specific articles or sentences highlighted. He doesn't know who they are from and they never have a return address on them. He assumes that they are just from a nosy member of the congregation... probably a regular member and not an elder or anything, because wouldn't elders just go up to him or come over to his house and lecture him themselves?

    I am wondering... has anyone else had similar experiences?

    And also... do you think there is any way for him to find out who is sending the articles? He told me that it is harassment and that he could tell the police and have them find out who is sending it... but I don't really think the police are going to go for that. I mean, it's not exactly the most serious thing in the world. Do you think that they would actually take time to investigate and find out who is sending some anonymous Watchtower literature to someone?

  • Saoirse
    Do you think that they would actually take time to investigate and find out who is sending some anonymous Watchtower literature to someone?

    If he was getting death threats or something similar then they would check it out. I doubt they would care about a Watchtower magazine - especially if it had postage on it.

    Just tell him to throw it in the trash and get on with his day. Or better yet, start sending out apostate mail to the local witnesses. They love that.

  • lucifer

    tell him to put up a "no soliciting" or no Jehovahs Witnesses

  • blondie

    Some JWs may do their letter witnessing that way, without a letter and with no return address.

    I know an ex-JW that gets some mail like that with hand-written post-its on it. She says she recognizes the handwriting as a JW family member. She called them and told them to stop it or she would start sending "apostate" literature. The family member stopped.

    Otherwise, just something to shred.


  • mrsjones5

    I did once...I wondered how they got my address then I remembered that it was listed in the phone book. I don't think it was from anyone I knew or used to know.


  • truthseeker

    I've never heard of this before! Usually, JW's who are concerned about a "lost sheep" will tell them in person, on the phone or by email, but to get anonymous mail, well that's something else.

    Check the postmark and note where it's posted from - that won't tell you who it is, but may tell you the congregation.

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