Did god create the domestic animals

by Satanus 21 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • robhic

    First let us consider what most scholars agree is the original Koine Greek for the English word "cat". Felos Domesticus meaning literally "a contemporary housecat with all of its beastly identifying characteristics and behavior." A faithful servant of Jehovah would quickly notice that the nature of a cat is "beastly". The bible makes clear reference to this condition when describing parts of Satan's organizations past and present. For instance the fearsome "beasts" as described in Daniel or the "scarlet colored wild beast" in Revelation.

    When reading the quote (above) it makes one wonder why the housecat was created domestic but is considered "beastly" in its nature. It just ain't fair...

    (Yeah, I know this quote is from a WT parody, but it seemed to fit in, in a humorous way.)

  • tetrapod.sapien
    How interesting Satanus - suppression had the reverse effect on me and I was obsessed with sex and any reference to it from about 9 or 10, this continued until my early 30's...

    interesting. this is the same with me. i had my first orgasm when i was 8 and could be referred to as obsessed with it since. so you are saying that for you it had something to do with growing up a jw? the puritanical and conservative environment?

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