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  • The Leological One
    The Leological One

    I was beginning to think that this thread was getting a little long so I thought I'd start a new one and see if anyone would like to reply.

    Last year, I was disfellowshipped due to technicalities and serious health problems, namely, that being among the

    b-Org was killing me. Today, I received the strangest call. My mother called me on family business as did my younger brother yesterday. I called them both back to day and was able to speak to them for a few minutes. Now, as for my younger brother he did arbitrarily try to end the call very quickly. My mother, on the other hand, stayed on to talk to me for a little longer. She was being cool, in a good way. She was disappointed that I had tried to remake an acquaintance with the brother just older than me. There are good reasons for concern afterall he was very abusive to me and nearly strangled me to death at 14 years of age. And his assocation with my DF'd child molestor Daddy has not really done him any favors. The end of December there were massive wildfires in our part of the country and I had heard on the news that there was one just nearby where she was living in the boondogs. Anyway, I called her to warn her in case she didn't know. I really do think that mother really wanted an excuse to be able to talk to me and, most definitely say her thank yous. She seemed really glad to talk to me. She sad I'm not coming back to JW life, but she knows that I wasn't doing it due to any evilness on my part.

    As for the lack of love by means of their draconian way of reinviting in the 'wrongdoer', I know that if I ever went back I could not lie and say that happiness is being a JW. That was part of what was making me have a complete mental breakdown. And if I could not somehow make the adjustments to the butt-kissing of their positions just right, I would be sitting there for the rest of my life DF'd; and, yet I was not evil in anything that I did. Even whatever sin I made in my weakness was long ago to have shown myself to have had a repentant spirit. Excuse my language, they can all go f--k themselves. They would have rather me kill myself than to take the proper measures to take care of my health. What a religion!

    Cat-er-daynightfever wife of Leological, I forgot to sign in.....

  • Lilycurly
    Lilycurly's sad that they can't see that they are not Jesus-imitators at all, but completly like those Pharisees.

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