Request from Bill Bowen-help please!

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  • carla

    Danny ran out of posts and I thought this should have it's own thread so he said I could paste this-------------------

    Calif JW Child Abuse victims sought by Bill Bowen

    Seeking JW Child abuse victims LA San Diego area

    Silentlambs is looking for anyone in the Los Angeles or San Diego,

    California area that might be interested in doing an interview about child

    If you would like to assist please contact William H. Bowen at


    This is a key interview that will protect many children.

    Please contact ASAP to see if you can help or know someone that could



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  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Ah, the sweet, sweet sounds of a lawyer shilling for business.

    I was all set to file my Mesothelioma claim with the ambulance chaser lawyer on TV too.


  • blondie

    I don't understand the lawyer schilling comment.

    Bill Bowen is an ex-JW elder who is one of the people behind the website.

    The non-JW lawyers that work with the JW and ex-JW victims/survivors of abuse are not making money on these cases (probably losing money).

    Kimberlee Norris and her husband Greg do a great deal.

    Kimberlee posts on JWD as stillconcerned.

    I thank her, her husband, Bill Bowen, and all the other JWs, ex-JWs, and non-JWs that have worked so hard over the last few years publicizing and educating people about abuse in the WTS.

    Since Bill Bowen is not an abuse survivor/victim himself, he is asking for those who are, especially in the California area to come forward to be interviewed by the media and let people know that this not just one or 2 people are affected by this. There are current cases in the California area.


  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Blondie, no offense was meant, hence the "LOL".

    Making light out of a terrible need that he fills. Child abuse. It's gross. My post was meant to lighten the gravity of the subject and in no way meant to demean Mr. Bowen personally. No child abuse isn't funny. But the searching for victims reminded me of daytime lawyers shilling for business.

    From Websters:
    1 : to act as a shill
    2 : to act as a spokesperson or promoter What's the old proverb, if you can't laugh at it, it will make you cry, or something along those lines.

  • blondie

    They aren't looking for "customers" to make money. They are looking for other people hurt by abuse in this region that can come forward with specific testimony to this case or testimony to the abuse policies of the WTS.

    I can guess neither you nor someone you love deeply was ever abused. The seriousness of child abuse shouldn't be lightened. Put murder and rape into that category too.

    Blondie (never laughs at child abuse)

  • 144001
    The non-JW lawyers that work with the JW and ex-JW victims/survivors of abuse are not making money on these cases (probably losing money).

    Indeed, most lawyers I know work for purely benevolent reasons and have no expectation of profitting from their efforts

    As for Silent Lambs, last I looked at this issue, they don't disclose their financial statements to the public. So we'll just have to take their word for it that they aren't making anything out of their efforts.

    While we're at it, lets also rely on the statements of the Watchtower that no one is profitting from the Watchtower's activities as well.

  • stillconcerned


    Well if you think Bill is making MONEY with Silent Lambs...

    Kinda speechless here.

    Do you know what he has LOST?

  • blondie

    I think what Silentlambs has accomplished, the group's actions, speaks louder than words. Comparing them to the WTS on this matter is surprising to me.


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