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  • Rook

    Can anyone give me some advice on picking a good solid laptop?

  • DannyBloem

    It all depend on what you want, where you are going to use it for.
    If you want to travel a lot, you can consider a very small one, at elast you do not have to drag your laptop of 4 kilo's everywhere.
    if you need many features you choice differently. if you just use it for word, excel etc, the normal stuff, you really do not need the latests fastest laptop, and you could consider a much cheaper one.

    If you know about what you wnat, go to a site with user reviews and comparing of features and prices. (do not know any sites in english for this)


  • Rook

    Thanks Buddy.

  • LittleToe

    PDAs with keyboards are getting a lot more respectable. They are much more portable, too!

  • Rook

    Aloha Littletoe, I just looked up the PDA's at Dell and your right. Thanks for the tip.

  • jwfacts

    A laptop with a Centrino chip instead of Pentium uses less power as it is designed for laptops, so increases battery life and requires a far smaller power adaptor to run.

    I have had a number of different brands over the years, never had any trouble with any of them, and all have been pretty similar, so I dont think there is a huge difference in brands. My latest is an Asus. I love it. They are the company that builds the laptops for Sony and Apple, and it is very well built. It was by far the best value for money i could find at the time.

    I also have a work laptop which is a low end Toshiba. The build quality is shocking, though Toshiba do have some good high end models. It is worth shaking the screen etc when buying a laptop to see how well built it is compared to others, as laptops get a lot of wear and tear. The screen costs almost as much to replace as buying a new machine so make sure it is sturdy.

  • Spectrum

    At the moment the best on the market in no particular order are
    Sony(you pay for quality but also a big premium for the name. )
    Toshiba (good make don't know which model to recommend. You'll pay premium for name)
    Dell (latitude(these are robust) for business use, or inspiron for home use(great quality for money -Inspiron 6000))
    MaxData (solid german laptops)
    Mac ibooks are excellent as well.
    If it's to travel with, then get a small 12" screen. If it's to watch DVDs then get a widescreen. The inspiron 6000 does not have a great screen for DVD play but great for everything else.
    Make sure if travelling that the battery has at least 3.5 hours usage on it.
    Instead of Pentium 4 get a mobile processor like the centrino or AMD equivalent as these run cooler therefore less fan usage therefore use much less battery and are quieter.
    Hope that helps.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    welcome to the board!

    it depends man. gamer? graphic designer? emailer? surfer? don't know wtf-er?

    personally, i will not be getting another laptop. the PSP does everything i want once i get one of them funky extendable keyboards:

    • posts on jwd, checks email, queries google, IM.
    • stores mp3s and, plays them back.
    • 802.11b and g
    • games
    • movies (they rent them at blockbuster now)
    • smaller than a book.
    • $300.00 CAD

    but notebooks:

    gamer? AlienWare

    graphics/multimedia? Mac

    emailer/whatever man? Dell


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    IBM has some great deals on certified used laptops right on their website. My company just bought some. They have alot more features than most laptops because they are made more for business use. The prices start around $550 or so, the ones my company bought where around $700. You also can take out a protection plan. I think they are a great deal. Personally I feel that IBM makes some of the most solid machines. There computers seem to outlast anything else I have ever owned. They are built for business and not consumers, I think that makes a big differance.

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