I am soooo proud of her!

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  • coffee_black

    When I was in High School I wanted to persue Art. I did...to a degree....weekly classes starting at age 8 and continuing through a year of College...but you know the rest... pressure against education etc... although my dad gave me all sorts of support where my education was concerned... but I didn't persue it the way I should have...wanted to... got married at 18...'nuf about that....

    Within the past year, I have reconnected with a former High School classmate. We were the class artists...if there was an award to win...or a project to do...we alternated honors. We were opposite...she was a hippie (or the closest thing I ever knew to a hippie in my sheltered jw world) I was the dutiful dub. We were not friends then.... competition kind of spoiled that... but we had a kind of respect for eachother.

    We have become friends now...so many years later. She stuck with her art...and she has done sooooo well. Google her, and hundreds of pages of websites come up. I am sooooo proud of her....and it feels so good to be free to have a friendship that should have existed back then, but didn't. Take a look at her art.... Her name is Sandy Wadlington... her last name was Brown back then... and she is my friend.


    and if that's not enough...google her name.... I'm soooo impressed!


  • z

    This one is AWSOME I love it

    can we see your works pls????/


  • stillAwitness

    WOW! That's awseome! Yeah, lets see some of your stuff!

    I know this is off topic but man, you were married at 18???!!! How did that go? Being fresh out of high school and all?

  • coffee_black

    Hi Z...

    Well...I only have a couple of things on my hard drive...not a good selection....and I don't have a digital camera or a scanner any more..... I'll attach what I have though. I don't know if they will show up very well. They'll show up pretty small... Oh, and my avatar is a drawing by my son.


  • greendawn

    There is always time to catch up with things, if you don't have someone to mess around with your life and suppress your creative talents you can do well in life.

  • Legolas

    OMG....Coffee she did one of P.E.I. (that's where I live) Cool!

    Barns, Prince Edward Island

  • coffee_black

    Hi Stilla,

    Getting married at 18... nope I would not recommend that.... Nearly everyone in my congregation got married very early. My best friend was 21...and she was the last one! I was married for almost 20 years...thinking I had no choice but to remain married.

    Life is good now. I still do artwork... My work has been published in a calendar two years running now. My job isn't related to art.. but it can be somewhat creative in a different way. Still, someday, I would like to concentrate more on art.


  • coffee_black

    Hi Legolas,

    I missed your post earlier...sorry.... Sandy lives in Southwestern New Hampshire. Most of her work is rural New England, but she lived in Texas for a while too, and she has traveled quite a bit. She has done quite a few of Prince Edward Island.


  • rebel8

    Your son is talented and so are you!

    I too put the art thing aside to "focus on the kingdom"... blah... ick....Then I was focused on getting my education, and after that getting married...within the last yr I've really gotten back into it. Art is good for you on so many levels.

    Have you always been a painter? I've mostly done pen and ink or pastel drawings and have real difficulty transitioning to new mediums...an art professor told me it's because I'm not willing to give up control. Probably true. I sooo want to use watercolors or acrylics but my attempts just look like a 5 yr old did them. Yet I have mastered ultra-realism in my drawings.

    Any tips for me?

  • coffee_black

    Hi rebel8,

    I've tried pretty much every medium...may favorite is oils. Sandy got me aquainted with CARAN d'ACHE...which is oil pastel....water soluble....easy to control. I don't have much space to work, and this is pretty easy to manage. My son is hooked on charcoal....hasn't worked much with color. I think it's a personal thing...whatever you feel most comfortable with., and what suits your style.

    Funny story...when I was in high school, I tried sculpture...working in clay for the first time, I did a bust of a man. As I was working, the clay felt warm...and I was concentrating so hard that it felt like it was breathing.... freaked me out! Being a jw, I thought it was demons! I brought the thing home...and an aunt was visiting.... she freaked out because it looked exactly like the man she almost married many years before...someone I had never seen. That was my first and only attempt at sculpture.


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