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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    It's really no different than the priest in the mass doing all the stuff they do.

    I disagree - I know priests who regularly provide thought provoking sermons, derived from deep considerations - there's one I can call to mind immediately about 'humility', being neither subservience or piety, neither understating nor overstating, but (from humus) being down to earth - truthful - however that may be appearing to someone else

    It amazes me these intelligent persons cannot figure that out.

    Some things that are drilled into people really do persist don't they.


    I do think that what you described is more like addiction to the virtual reality of some computer games, where you get an alternate identity, and importance, and even win.

    Bye honey, I'm off to play tombraider now .


  • DaveNwisconsin

    Do you have children? In my family Mom was a JW and Dad was not religious. He kind of followed with the JW'S but was not a follower. Anyhow all the five kids in my family feel that JW'S wrecked there childhoods. I don't really feel that way but always felt a different because of this cult way of living. Just wanted to share...........if you don't have kids please think before you make them.....

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