Remember When D8TA Was..."Crazy"?

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  • D8TA

    Okay, so it's not "JW related"...but a little "redemption" (again) has come to pass.

    Remember waaay back in 2001-2002? ( I know there's a bunch of new people here and I post every 6 months, but do your research on the board). When I posted about the coming abuses from the United States Government when they passed the Patriot Act?

    What's happening now?

    Have you been using your telephone lately? Maybe to call your Mom in Europe? Wife in Brazil? Dad somewhere in Asia? (oh wait, you haven't been watching the mainstream media lately?).

    Oh oh...What's this about the Google and the White House wanting to look at "porn" searches (do you really believe that's a motive) and looking at record searches of what people have been searching? Is it really...seriously (I giggle) for only and just "PORN"? Because, well, you know, PORN is such a national security issue now beyond the terrorist threats and enemies of national security.

    Is your daughter/son going to college and using the library?

    Are YOU using the library?

    Do think you have to have heredity from Kraplapastahn to be noticed?

    Still driving your SUV and working your 40 hrs ( + overtime) a week while the security of self preserverance has blinded your eyes to the destruction of liberty? What are you working for? I know, not EVERYONE fits the above stated category, but it applies to everyone in a sense. What...are you...working for? Just to the pay the rent is a pain in the ass...but what about the security of your children's future.

    Wait a minute...

    ...there's people who are new and probably don't know what in sam hill I am posting about and are already formulating replies as to refute and bash this post. Well, um, go back to my previous posts and behold the PROHPETIC MESSAGES I HAD POSTED! MWAHAHAHAHA!


    Not really. No mysitcal powers exist. Just common sense and a bit of attention to world history and government powers gaining power of the people and information. It's all happened before, and continued to happen, and will happen far after our bodies are returned to the earth.

    Sometimes our mislead confidence/trust and patriotism can fuddle our thinking and reasoning. Especially when a President's approval ratings are at a all time low and Osama/Usama/Joe Bin Laden vocal tapes just happen to surface at the "right moment" to justify an administration(s) illegal and unConstitutional behaviour. (excuse me, while I pick up the eyeballs that feel to the floor while rolling them).

    It's a field day for left-liberals, they see and spout the atrocities of the current U.S. administration and the right calls them oddballs and degenerates, trying to kill the country...

    Okay, fair enough...let's go forward:

    NEW PRESIDENT ELECTED (post Bush) and it's a DEMOCRAT!

    Well, power has shifted, and now the rightwing-conservatives have a go at the abuses by a Liberal government that is abusing pre-ordained (and not abolished Patriot Act) powers inherited.

    Nice vicious cycle CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and Oprah has developed. While they get richer, you sit in a washing machine just a tumbling, trying to make rent/house payments, and one of the greatest Government for, by, and from the people gets destroyed.

    In the words of Yoda, "Dangerous this is"!

    There's going to be a point within the United States, (oh wait, I should be careful because some upper class military brown nose who made their way into the U.S. Department of Homeland Security who search the internet for threats to national security whild browsing for PORN on Google may be reading this statement) that people with say "enough is enough". That's when violence esculates and revolutions, civil unrest/war, and "bad" things happen. It's all happened before, just remember your's "doomed to repeat itself".

    New context!

    Insurgent vs. Terrorist.

    INSURGENTS! Pretty catchy wordplay isn't it? INSURGENTS in -name the country the U.S. presently occupies- BOMBS every highway, consulate, checkpoint, and Hello Kitty store! "INSURGENT". Look at the word and remember it.

    Okay, follow me here for a second:

    Let's say, a few years (decade) from now, the Policies of China (backed by it's War Powers) seem to conflict with the idealisms of the Republic of the United States of America. China thinks, "We are right, they are wrong". They invade the U.S. . There are Chinese soldiers on U.S. soil, (um not Hawaii...think entire WEST COAST). Is there a Liberal on Conservative here, that can truly say, "I would, um, sit idle and not purge these foreign invaders"? Well, let's say YOU do start a retaliation. Well welcom to the magical world of INSURGENT LAND. You aren't a terrorist, you are telling the foreign invading army on your soil to get the hell out of Dodge. But, don't forget, China knows what's best for the world and must institute the rule of law, because, well thier way of governing (and political philosophy) is superior. I mean, after all, we NEED the guidance of Chinas political beliefs to insure a safe world.

    Are you getting the point yet?

    Okay, for the one's who are loss:

    YOU CANNOT DICTATE AND IMPOSE DEMOCRACY ON OTHER NATIONS! It's a form of Imperilism, expanstionism, and globalism.

    I can only say this for future "prophetic" (in reality; common sense) situation:

    The world is going to get more violent, the U.S. will make Iran it's next target. (The why: to expand it's capitolist markets and force the independant nations who seek self preserverance, into a new world economic empire.)

    But hey, I am just crazy ol' D8TA.

    But remember in 10 more years the words above. ;)

  • aniron

    So, whats new about it all ? Governments have being doing it for centuries. In some form or another. Today we are just more sophisticated about it. You make the people think they have freedom, while at same time taking it away.

  • Tigerman

    If we could just do away with the combustible engine.

  • Forscher

    Well, hello D8TA!
    I wasn't around then, but I wouldn't have thought you crazy on that. Within months after the patriot act was enacted, the Justice Department set up seminars all around the country to teach law enforcement folks how to use the provisions to go after more than just terrorists. They really enjoyed the expansion of powers!
    I agree with you that the Bush administration wants to go after Iran, but for different reasons. I think people miss the boat on many things because they misunderstand the motivations behind what he does. It is not at all about crass motives of capitalistic expansion. Where folks misunderstand him is that they persist in labeling him as a radical right wing idealog just like many did by considering Clinton a Commie. Iraq and Iran are not about making Haliburton richer, it is all about paybacks.
    It was all about Iran from the begining. Of all the nations on earth, who gave the U.S. its biggest black eye? It wasn't really Vietnam as much as we'd like to think, they were just part of the cold war struggle and had plenty of help from both the Soviet Union and China. No, it was little Iran with it's takeover of our embassy. They made us look like impotent wimps! And they didn't do it just once. They were behind the bombing of our troops in Lebanon which caused us to go running for home with our tail between our legs. They've also thumbed their nose at us every since, like they are doing now. Yes, the leaders in Washington have wanted to put them back in their place for decades. So paybacks are due. Bush has been the only one to have the stones to set things in motion.
    Bin Laden gave him the excuse. It enabled him to first place our troops on Iran's eastern border. Then came Iraq, it also gave Bush the opportunity to payback Sadaam for his attempted assasination of Bush Sr., an added bonus! The intent was to place
    U.S. troops on another border with Iran, the western one. With our Navy covering the Gulf, that would place our armed forces on three borders. I assume that Bush intended to find a way to place troops on the last border, the northern one, before invading Iran on some pretext.
    Note how neatly that fits in with oriental strategies for warfare. It's almost like playing a gigantic game of Go. But then, I've noted from the beginning that somebody in Bush's team is an expert in Sun Tsu and other oriental strategists. That is how he won his elections and managed to get things done. The plan is kind of elegant when one thinks of it.
    However, the Iranians are orientals as well. They descend from the Persians and understand that game quite well themselves. That is why Bush is having such problems reaching the goal. They saw the encirclement and set up the insurgency in Iraq to stop it long enough for them to get Nucs. They know full well that they cannot stand up to the U.S. war machine no more than Sadaam could. After all, they fought his army in a stalemate that lasted a decade or more. So they are no better. Their salvation is to be found in Nucs. They know that if they don't get them, they're toast.
    Bush has long been misunderstood. His enemies made the mistake of believing their own rhetoric about his lack of smarts. And they paid the price. Sun Tsu said "I can predict the outcome of any battle based on the following: If one knows his enemy as well as he knows himself, then he will win every battle. If he knows not his enemy, or himself, then for every battle won, one will be lost. If he knows niether his enemy, nor himself, then every battle will be lost." Sun Tsu is the key to Bush. His enemies haven't recognized that, and they have lost. I believe the Iranians have. That is why bush is having such a tough time in Iraq. It will be interesting to see if they understand well enough.

  • ColdRedRain

    I still think you're crazy.

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