Iran Oil Bourse - March 2006

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  • Robdar

    I think you are the one that is smoking dope. Did you read the link above?

    Yeah, I read the link above. I also read the link from the other thread ( Since when does a group of European leftests know what's going on in the US? They seem hopeful that the US will be destroyed. Guess what? It won't be. At least not anytime soon. Also, if you are so worried about it Skyman, why do you still reside in the US? Might be time to go hang with your leftist buddies in Europe.

  • Elsewhere

    I don't see how this will affect the value of the dollar.

    According to your information foriegn countries will transfer their funds into US dollars for a short period of time for the sole purpose of buying a product. Basically they buy, hold and then dump the dollars. With the new payment system in place they will no longer need to use this hold-and-dump process.

    How will that affect the value of the dollar?

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