IP_SEC - Happy One Year Anniversary at JWD!!

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  • stevenyc

    Happy anniversary Matt.

    Come on, give us a metaphor for your life now as comparison with this time last year.


  • IP_SEC

    Well let's see. Fishing.

    I went fishing this morning instead of going in service. What a simple thing to most people. Not a lot of people would understand how that is a metaphor for a change in life, but I bet you folk do.

    A year ago I was doing some research that landed me on this site. My first post was asking "What is a dub?". I was half peaved by the definition, but I also had to chuckle. The best thing that happened to me by this site was learning that exes werent at all like they had been portrayed to me by "mother".

    You guys are good people.

    I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your help.


    PS colorado, what are you getting me for my birthday? You know what I want, right?

  • prophecor

    Seems like you're part of the furniture around here now, Matt. Like you've always been here. It's been a true experience watching you grow here. I wish you all the best. Think of you more than you know. Here's to you and your new life. Be peaceful with yourself. Happy Anniversary.

  • purplesofa

    hey IPPY~~~~~

    thinking of you and how your last year must have been!!!

    thanks for the entertainment.......information.......friendship.....emotions......just being a real person


  • arrowstar

    Enjoy your day, sweetie. Revel in it. Life is much too short to not appreciate all that surrounds us and all the little things in life that make it special. Take the time to see it...touch it...taste it...smell it....and hear it. Take a moment to thank someone. Life is too precious and too fragile not to seize the day.

    love you


    p.s. As for your birthday...well, I'll give you that present when I see you...

  • colorado5591
    PS colorado, what are you getting me for my birthday? You know what I want, right?

    Um, no come to think of it, I have no idea what you want seeing as how you never call me. I would admit that I never call you either, but that means I assume some kind of responsibility, and I don't so.....

    All I can assume from the is that you want a bat or that you want to be batman?

    Choice A....batman

    Choice B Bat

    Choice 3 let the reader use discernment

  • tijkmo

    happy anni

  • bonnzo

    congrats IP_SEC!


    sorry, just drank the beer that colorado5591 posted! DAMN, it was ggoooodd!

  • colorado5591
    just drank the beer that colorado5591 posted!

    I'm sorry, that was rather rude of me to post only one beer. **pulls out the keg-erator and declares, "give us beers, or give us death!""**

    Happy 366 Matthew, lets keep this party rolling!

  • slugga


    Bat Apostate lol

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