Bad info

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  • Woodsman

    The victim thought Jehovah's Witnesses cannot have any blood products. Probably could have lived with some allowed fractions. If they are available in Nigeria.

  • joanne_

    I pray that some day they will see the light on this. I cannot believe for one minute that God would want us, or our children to die.


  • BluesBrother

    This patient died here :

    Whipps Cross Hospital
    Whipps Cross Road
    E11 1NR

    Wherever, it was still Bad info. this poor lady was misguided to believe that Gods will for her,was that she refuse the transfusion. She was no doubt given exagerated views of the danger of blood, and if she did understand what fractions are allowable, I bet she did not understand it as we do.

    Poor lady, poor husband and poor orphaned child. All for the sake of the Watchtower

  • greendawn

    It sad that a young woman died and left behind two orphans and a widower to look after them, because of putting her faith in the words of some dodgy religious leaders who are notorious for their incompetence and instability in interpreting the Bible.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    Its a shame the the Watchtower head people don't realize that when they don't let one of there people get a blood transfusion, The person may die and then they will have lost another puppet!

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