Beautiful Houses

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  • misspeaches

    Does anyone like looking at houses for sale and dream of owning them? I've just found this beauty. It even has a trampoline at the front!!

  • Calliope

    it's about the descriptions - holy sweet deal!!!

    Country Living In the City!

    This two bedroom permanent caravan with built-on annexe minutes from Manuka & Kingston is a gem. This caravan & annexe has been refurbished & must be seen to be appreciated.

  • misspeaches

    I particularly like the studded white fabric thingy around the kitchen benches with the lime green bench tops...

    by the way i am drinking vodka and tonic water at work. Which makes these beautiful homes so much more funny

  • Calliope

    other than bartending, what could a person possibly do for work, that they can get away with vodka and tonic.

    prrrrease don't say physician or surgeon? whew.

  • misspeaches

    I'm in IT Support... haha haha... that will teach people to make mistakes when using their computers... HAHAHAHAHA

    I've just found another beautiful house... you will note in this one that they didn't even bother to make the bed.

  • Calliope

    o yes IT support. so am i. only i'm not good at it, the support part - i lose my patience and yell at people when they don't get it.

    okay, the picture of the shower drain is the selling feature for me.

  • FlyingHighNow

    How about this beauty? What lovely views and sky high vistas.

    ~Sky High Villa~

  • prophecor

    Miss Peaches, you devil you. I will admit to looking at a 2001 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine while in the doctors office today. My mouth would water, much like it would while watching a Popeye's Chicken commercial. I was swept off my feet looking at the modern decor, hardwood floors, pillows and that one lowly scarf, delicately placed along the side of the couch, like it had just been whisped there. Exquisite. Any truth to those who fancy Home Decorating?

  • Scully

    If the bananas and tea kettle are included in the price, then it's a great deal!

  • Saoirse

    $80,000 for a trailer?!?! You've got to be kidding me.

    Is the economy that bad in Australia? What is the exchange rate?

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