The Watchtower and Awake!—Timely Journals of Truth?

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  • greendawn

    Most of their books and mags are written as if for people of fairly low IQ and great ignorance.

  • garybuss

    Here's an example of the good news of the kingdom that needs to be preached to all the earth . . .

    The Beautiful Moth
    Camels in the Andes?
    Gardening the Organic Way

  • KW13

    Well, how consistent are JW's?

    How blind are JW's? here is an example.

    If you have read 1984 George Orwell, changing information to fit the purpose, changing meanings, even a degree of the rules on the wall in Animal Farm.

    I ask anyone with the ability to Open this article in the seperate mags, then in the bound Volume.

    The date mentioned at first makes it sound like Armageddon will be here in no time, the other allows for Armageddon to never come and for people to wait and wait.

  • DaCheech


  • KW13

    i showed my mum this just an hour ago, she was shocked and almost speechless, she tried bombarding me with stuff after but i deflected each shot

  • Nosferatu
    The first time I read it I threw up

    Yeah, me too. I remember how nauseating those Watchtower studies were.

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