speed reading - what's the technique?

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  • Spectrum

    There is so much good stuff on this forum to read and not so much time to read it all.
    I once knew a girl that could read a page from a novel in about 15 seconds and understand it. I had a teacher who could read a page by looking at the centre of the sentence and somehow absorb the words on either side and just go down the page at lighting speed.
    Does anybody know any techniques for speed reading?
    Are there any of you here that can win competitions?!

  • jwfacts

    Don't go back and re-read information, just keep going even if you do not understand it.
    It takes effort to stop your mind from daydreaming as you read.
    Move your finger across the page to help guide your eye.

    A true speed reader apparently can look at a page and absorb all the words without looking at each one individually, though not sure how that works.
    Speed reading is easier for a novel, but I am not sure many people could speed read an indepth thread here that takes mental analysis. (especially something from Leolaia)

  • Elsewhere

    Just move your head back and forth as quickly and wildly as you can while keeping your eyes looking straight ahead. Do not attempt this if you've been drinking!!!

  • liquidsky


    That was so funny!!!!! Thanks for the laugh.

  • one

    Imo, how fast you can read will also depend on the topic, your interest, and the writter's style.

    If you know and like the topic then you can 'picture' key words easily.

    The first few words at the begining of each parragrapha can tell if you can easily follow the writer's argument..

  • dolphman

    I hate to sound like a snob, but I think a lot of it is hereditary/genetic. There are techniques, but some people are more pre-disposed towards it than others. My reading comprehnsion and capability is far better than my math skillz however. I think there may have been a tradeoff.

    When I was a kid, about 3rd grade. They did a lot of weird tests on me to determine just how fast I could speed-read/comprehend. I think my reading comprehension at that time was that of a 17 year old, and I was only about 8 or 9 years old. My speed reading capability was remarkable, and still is. They put me in a special class (yes, special ed...go ahead and laugh) and did more tests...etc...I felt like a lab rat at times. I guess I had some skillz.

  • stillajwexelder

    Just keep reading and reading and practiocing - try not to re-read a sentence. If you keep reading your overall comprehension increase and that is what is important. Now if you are reading an article about using the MALDI-TOFSIMS technique for a precipitation hardened aluminum alloy - then you may need to slow down - but even then a true speed reader could gain some understanding

  • Spectrum

    It seems that just reading fast and not re-reading is the key. I try to skip non key words but I lose the meaning and have to re-read the sentence which means I'm back to square one.

    are you 1000 per minute?

  • IMustBreakAway

    I agree with the genetic disposition idea. My whole family can speed read and retain the information very well. I don't think i could win any contests... Part of it for me is the visual effects; I recognize the shapes of the words instead of reading the words. My brain does the processing in the background.

  • codeblue

    I have to agree : speed reading depends on the style of writing and topic.

    I remember in my active JW days, getting some Awakes or Watchtowers and reading each copy within 15 to 20 minutes. When I mentioned this to one of the elders, his response:

    "You didn't get anything out of it then"...

    Gee thanks..........I was an A student in school with a college scholarship (I couldn't use to be a "spiritual person") but I can't UNDERSTAND the Awake or WT in 15 minutes?

    go figure....

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