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  • startingover

    Anyone here ever been to CaboWabo in Cabo San Lucas?

  • ButtLight

    No, it sounds like a disease! lol

  • lonelysheep

    No, but I'd like to go.

  • juni

    Don't believe I have. Is that a bar? And why do you ask? Juni

  • startingover

    A disease? HA

    CaboWabo is a bar owned by Sammy Hagar in Cabo on the tip of Baja. I think originally the guys from Van Halen were partners too.

    Here's my story:

    I was there this past weekend. It's a really rockin' place. Lots of tourist types there in the party mode drinking too much. I spent 3 nights at the place and the third night I was burned out on the drinking scene so I was just there hanging out. They have a great sound system blasting classic rock until the band starts playing about 10. The place isn't really that big and the dance floor is maybe 20 feet wide in front of the stage.

    So I was sitting with my group of friends at a front row table. The dance floor was packed like sardines by the time the band started. The band played a couple of songs and then I noticed them pointing behind me. I looked up on the balcony but didn't see anything. I looked back and they were still pointing. The third time I looked back, there he was, Sammy Hagar in the flesh.

    He has a home in Cabo and shows up at his bar unannounced. I was just lucky enough to hit it. He started out with "Mas Tequila", did a couple of his Montrose songs, a Led Zep song and one of his Van Halen songs. He ended up bringing his wife on the stage (she had been side stage handing him a Corona while he was on stage) and he got her and her girlfriend to come out and sing "I love this Bar". She only sang maybe a verse and then he finished it.

    What an experience, once in a lifetime for sure.

  • juni

    That's cool. I liked Jump by VanHalen. Love Aerosmith. My 34 yr. old son and my son in law go to all of the MotleyCrue concerts. My son has an autographed guitar by them. He had backstage passes so he went and for his brother in law's B/day took him backstage at one of their concerts. Thinking about it is Jump by VanHalen or the Pointer Sisters? Ms Leaky Brain here!! lol Juni~~~~~~~~

  • Billygoat
    The third time I looked back, there he was, Sammy Hagar in the flesh.

    Oh. My. God! I would die if I were you! Did you get any pictures??? I've had a crush on that man since I was in the 6th grade when Footloose came out. *I can't drive fifty fiiiiiive!*

    I saw VH with Sammy in concert in Kansas about 10 years ago. One of the best concerts ever! The man had the energy of two twenty-year olds. I guess that's what was so exciting about him. That and all the sexy curly hair that was flyin' everywhere.

    *despondent sigh*

    Yes, I realize the man is old enough to be my father, but he's still hot!!!

  • delilah
    I'd love to go to Cabo Wabo, drink Sammy's Tequila....I hear it's an awesome bar. One day we'll get there....I was a huge Van Halen fan at one time, when I was young......not that long ago..... I love tequila...
  • LDH

    Been many times. There a joint next door named Hippos??? that has a mean taco bar. I do like cabo, we own a timeshare that we paid cash for (1st stage, great deal) and we only get to go every couple of years.

  • freedomlover

    never been there....but love the tequila. yummy!(no shot glass icon....he he he)

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