Why hasn't anyone mentioned......

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  • Undecided

    I spent my whole life going door-to-door in this town until I was 38 years old. I have been out for over 30 years and no one has ever mentioned me calling at their home. See how much we impress the people with the Kingdom Message.

    Ken P.

  • Cellist

    You're probably right. But maybe they're being polite. They might think that it would embarrass you.


  • sherrid

    Hi, everyone. My name is Sherri D. I have been talking to Black Swan and she has encouraged me to tell my story here on this website.

    I have been disfellowshipped for over 20 years. Within the last year, my child and i have had the UNFORTUNATE experience of being HOMELESS, ON THE STREET, WITH NO WHERE TO GO, and then some freak bimbo STOLE MY PURSE, taking every last cent we had. Well, the situation snow-balled, and i kicked her around for doing so, so the cops took ME to jail, where i spent 87 days in living hell.

    Since living through this, and so much more I turned my life over to Jehovah and asked his forgiveness, and everything like that, did all the repenting, and yet, to this day i still remain disfellowshipped, and broke, and nearly homeless, and in need of many things, physically, emotionally, materially, and spiritually. I went back to Kingdom Halls and told the brothers i was disfellowshipped 20 years ago. (This was in September, when i first got out of jail) Well, after many phone calls, and even submitting my letter for re-instatement, citing the fact that i had just lived through such an incredibly horriffic experience, i STILL REMAIN disfellowshipped. I discovered this website, and i would like to get a meet up group going in Indiana. I live in Greenwood, and my car has bit the dust, but if anyone lives near me, or can help me in any way, shape or form, i would be truly greatful!! My line of thinking is THIS; you would no more blister your kids' butt for falling off his bike and breaking his leg than ANYONE WITH AN OUNCE OF LOVE IN THEIR HEART FOR THEIR CHILD!! Well, i feel like this is the way i am being treated, and i am NOT saying this to feel sorry for myself. I have lived on my own for 30 some years, and now that i have a child, everything has changed. I ran back to the Kingdom halls for refuge, MISTAKENLY thinking everyone would rally around me and help me any way they could. I have discovered everything to the contrary!! I can stay home and have no one to talk to, and avoid the blank stares, and mothers scurrying to keep their children to keep away from me, and i can also stay at home, and READ THE BIBLE AND PRAY TO JEHOVAH, for i KNOW for a FACT that my prayers are being heard and ANSWERED, so i must be doing something right.

    I find this paedophile issue nothing short of appalling, and i have tried and tried to NOT believe it, but it is gaining solid ground and strength, and i am absolutely FLOORED!! NO WONDER none of the witnesses want anything to do with me, they are still supporting this organisation which allows child molesters to go unpunished.....................frankly i think we ALL need to stop and think about the true pillars we CAN count on, JEHOVAH GOD, HIS SON CHRIST JESUS, AND HIS WORD THE BIBLE!!

    If anyone lives in Indiana and can help me, please do so.........................................i need so many things in so many ways, and i'm relying on Jehovah to answer my prayer. I know he won't let me starve to death or anything, but i need suppport................

    ANYONE???? I will provide name, address and a contact number if you like...............

    Sherri D.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Sherri Sadly the elders will want to see you sit in that hall and be ignored and shunned for a very long time until the elders where you were disfellowshipped decide you are repentant enough. There is NO love in this organization. NONE.

    Mind you if you were a pedophile they would probably welcome you with open arms. It is all so sick.

    I'm up in Canada so I won't be too much help to you materially. But there must be some agencies that help women with children to get them a place to live.

    I hope it all works out for you. It sounds like you have had it pretty rough indeed

  • greendawn

    True, their method of preaching is an archaic and unsophisticated one, good that they are incapable of seeing that and trying to change it. It really has to do more with selling magazines rather than genuine teaching, even their Bible studies are not that but indoctrination.

  • MsMcDucket

    Sherri you are indeed between a rock and a hard place. Have you gone to all of the social service agencies to seek help. I know that they have got to help the child, and I'm sure that they would be willing to help you find work. I don't live in Indiana. Do you have a sponsor or parole officer that can give you some options?

  • MsMcDucket
  • jwfacts

    Sherri, that is a sad story, and shows the true spirit of the organisation.

    There is no statement in the bible that a d/f person must attend meetings for months before they can be reinstated, but the WTS is not governed by the bible or its principles, but rather by Watchtower creed. I know you will find what need and it will not need to have anything to do with the organisation.

  • bonnzo

    hey ken

    when you made a post about me and mom calling on you a few weeks ago, thats the first time anyone mentioned that i had called on them in the past. so what if it was a few days later! it still counts! is this a return visit?

  • whyizit

    Hello, Sherri D.

    I am from Indiana. Terre Haute area. Don't know how much help I can be, but if you would like to contact me, my e-mail is efc @joink.com. I've never been a JW, but I have been trying to educate myself, because some friends of mine are JWs. I worry about them, because they seem unhappy and the blood rule could be dangerous. I'm praying for your situation to improve. Take care of yourself and if you need someone just to hear you out, I'm here.

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