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  • slugga

    I don't want to start a thread Judging people here I'm more interested in your experiences and beliefs without people starting to fight. Do you still hold certain Org views, are certain things Taboo to you even though you may be out and have been out for years?

    think they will handle it the same way all of us are handling it. Some become fundies, others atheists, spiritualists, pagans... whatever.

    To me Spiritualism is such a no no, of all the things drumed into me this is what stuck the most. 17 years after leaving the org I still feel weird talking to spiritualists I still feel Brother M inside churning and wanting to be sick in their presence. I met a df'd brother last yr, a really nice bloke and I got on with him really well but he was into Tarot cards and ghost hunting and I just couldn't get my head around it, it was so alien and still so WRONG to me.

    Anyone else got any hangups left over from the Org?

    Mixed up Matt

  • IP_SEC

    I did matt, the best way I found to deal with it is to experience it. I was scared to death the first time I went to a "pagan" shop. I found it to be a normal place with no demminz running around. Life, for me has become about trying to do, experience, and learn as much as possible. To shed all of my fears and taboos before I die.

  • anewme

    Yep, lots of them. I'm still a JW inside. I'm a sick mix. A basket case now.
    I dont make sense to myself in what I stand for and what I reject.

  • Ellie

    I guess spiritualism is a taboo topic for me too, infact, I was talkig to Diamondblue earlier and he asked me if I believe in ghosts, I told him I didn't want to talk about it.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey matt,

    i call it doctrine shedding. the WTS/GB was just the first. then came xianity, and then religion, and then spirituality, then the supernatural, then any god, then humanism, then politics, then social responsibility, then health, then environmentalism, then a better future via science, then science, then morals, etc etc...

    i just got to the point where not only was i tired of beliving in anything at all, but i just couldn't see meaning in anything at all, not even inside myself. in this process, my taboos went too. i think i scare a lot of people now. but honestly, it's the most liberating place i have ever been. and then before i shed life (lol, yes i see the irony), i found something to believe in that was outside of myself, and inside of myself at the same time: sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll.

    it baffles me how people can leave the JWs and still believe in the bible, become xians, believe in good and evil, god and satan, moral and immoral, creationism etc., when it's basically the same doctrine as the wits, without the high control/cult type stuff.

    of course, they will disagree, and that's fine. i have sort of become the antithesis of the JW that i was. perhaps it's a bit extreme, but i love it.

    we've all got our roll models:

    Jesus: The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

    Marquis de Sade: The Freest Man Who Ever Lived


  • LDH
    I dont make sense to myself in what I stand for and what I reject.


    Lurkers, don't let this scare you. This is simply a growing process in which the Watchtower's thoughts and decisions need to be replaced with your OWN.

    However long you spent on the inside, you were parroting answers that were spoon fed to you. I don't care how much 'research' or 'putting thoughts into your own words' you did. You were answering questions that were asked by the same people who gave you the original information.

    To determine what you should accept and reject moving forward, ask yourself:

    • Does this action harm anyone else
    • does this action improve anything
    • is this the fair and right thing to do?
    • will my relationships with other humans be better or worse because of it?


  • arrowstar
    I was scared to death the first time I went to a "pagan" shop.

    I remember that day very well. You survived.

  • Billygoat

    I think IP_Sec had some great advice. Do some research. Experience it for yourself. Since my exit, I've experienced a lot of things that as a JW I wouldn't even think of experiencing. But when you experience it or sometimes just see if for yourself, the fear is taken away from it. I think that's how the JWs kept control over us...they drilled the fear into us about everything, thus controlling us. When I experienced the first thing and realized it wasn't what the JWs taught, I started thinking, "What else have they told me that was a lie?". Today I have little fear in my life about those type of things.

    Anewme mentioned she/he doesn't know what she stands for or against now. I felt like that too for a long while. But now, having researched and experienced Life on my own, I realize I have made my own stand on lots of subjects. Still more to go, but I've grown so much since my exit.

    Has anyone seen "Runaway Bride" with Julia Roberts? Today I'm happy to say I know how I like my eggs cooked.

  • slugga

    Hmm pagans I don't have a prob with (yeah i know its suppose to be satanic) its Spiritualism that bugs me, Talking to the dead, its just like nooo noo no !

    Going off my own thread a bit here but its my thread


    I was brought up in the truth and had no doubt in my mind that when I die I Die, I'm dead, theres no fluffy clouded heaven no burning hell, these concepts of an after life aren't mine, they never have been, never in a million years would I entertain the idea of them. When you die you die.


    Back in 97 I had a really bad motorbike accident and had a near death experience. The Reasoning book used to say that this was caused by my brain shutting down and dying but what i want to know is why would a jw's brain show him visions of a kind of heaven when that image is not a part of my belief system? I've never believed in Heaven (for me) so why show it when I'm dying?

    I still don't accept what I saw and felt, the Jw in me is too strong but I know what I saw and felt and I know it wasn't my brain shutting down.

    Even More Mixed up Matt

  • slugga
    I was scared to death the first time I went to a "pagan" shop.

    I remember that day very well. You survived.

    Theres a story here, someone tell it. Matt

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