Coming Oil Shocks - real or myth?

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  • gumby

    Hi Qcumber,

    I don't have a comment about your thread, but I see you may start a farm in Canada.

    Check this out.


  • tetrapod.sapien

    i have nothing against alternate forms of fuel, or buying land in canada, because it is a pretty sweet country, and large.

    but when i was into being scared about the possibilities, i thought that i would much rather live in a liberal community, in a liberal city, in a liberal zone/state. this is because if there ever was total anarchy (which i am highly skeptical of), i would feel safer in a group of "my type" of people, than i would out in the middle of nowhere-hick-land, where everybody owns like 20 rifles and never graduated from highschool. which i know is an irresponsible and gross over-generalization, but i am just illustrating my fear of being alone on a farm with some stocked up resources, and people with out those resources eventually showing up at my property, you know?

    *that said*, i personally kind of think that this whole oil shortage thing is mostly fear mongering. classic end of the world, prophecy brain triggers. we love that sort of stuff. anyways, i see it as out of my control, so i am not going to worry about it until it finally comes knocking on my door. i don't like to kid myself that me caasting my vote for making the world a "better" place is actually going to do anything.



  • juni

    I'm with Ian on this one. My motto: DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF; IT'S ALL SMALL STUFF - Richard Carlson, PhD.


  • TallTexan

    I think it's definitely a real possibility, simply because the U.S., competing for that #1 oil-consumer spot, is TOTALLY dependent on oil and petroleum products, yet controls very little of the world's reserves. I don't think the world will fall apart, but oil and therefore prices of gas and everything else will increase drastically.

    The more real challenge facing the U.S. especially is the 'housing bubble' - meaning the overinflated price of real estate, especially on the East and West coasts. So many homeowners have overpaid so much for land and housing, most are at the max they can pay for monthly payments, many are completely tapped out on other sources of credit. This creates a very fragile situation where it won't take much of a blip in the economy to start the ball rolling. Typically a housing bubble like this precedes a recession. Again, not 'world ending', but it could definitely cause a lot of people a lot of problems when the correction comes.....

  • FairMind

    qcmbr, this is something I’ve commented on many times on this forum. The website you referenced offers a fairly objective view of the world’s Oil future and consequences of decreasing supplies coupled with increasing demand. The “great die off” discussed at that website certainly sounds plausible to me. People don’t want to believe that a terrible crisis based on the unavailability of petroleum is imminent. I believe it is and that the first evidence of it is the ever-increasing energy costs.

    greendawn, undoubtedly there will be some new oil fields discovered. The problem is that any new oil finds will be short lived and only slightly delay the calamity that could come. I agree with darkuncle29 that bio fuel is the best answer to future energy needs. In the USA there is also enough coal (which can be converted to the same fuels as oil) to last the USA several decades. The problem is somebody better get on the stick in hurry or the crisis will be here and there won’t be time to take corrective measures.

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