The Butterfly Effect

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  • joelbear

    hamster, that is one of my favorite short stories of all time.

  • Rabbit

    Thanks, jgnat ! I think it will may just be a while. It took me a long time (30 years) to get out, I hope they are smarter -- (hey, I know they are )

  • TheSilence

    Yes, the alternate ending is on the DVD... just flip it over and play it again. There are a few scenes in the alternate ending that are not in the theatrical ending as well.


  • Rabbit

    Good. Thanks Silence, I'll have to check it out.

  • TheSilence

    Sure thing ;)

  • DelTheFunkyHomosapien

    The movies themes had a profound effect on me. For days and days after i thought about it and still think about it from time to time. What struck me hardest was when spoiler...............................

    Evan said he would come back for Kali and he didn't. It just really drove home how much of an impact your word can have on people.

  • Frog

    Heya Rabbit,

    I haven't yet seen this movie, I've been meaning to for ages! Thanks for the reminder :)

    I love movies that move me as much as you have expressed this one did for you.

    I just want to say that I think you're brilliant for moving on with your life as best as you can. My dad is roughly your age and very much inactive, he's wisened up to a great many things re the org (I may have had something to do with that!). My witness mum left & divorced him a few years ago now (non-scriptual divorce), and I'd love to see dad move on & re-marry, he did actually mention something like that in jest year but I don't think he can handle being diss'd again & losing contact with 5/7 of his children.

    All the best to you Rabbit x

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